This melanger can be used for refining chocolates, Cocoa Grinder, chocolate nut butter grinding, almond nut butter grinding, Peanut butter grinding etc.

Mini Melanger | Cocoa Grinder | Chocolate Grinder for Sale

  • mini chocolate melanger holds the grinding capacity of about 5kgs or 11 lbs.
  •  The small chocolate melanger machine will conch and refine a fine chocolate butter.
  • The chocolate maker machine comes with a speed controller and timer for efficient operational excellence and for fine grinding of chocolate butter.
  • The mini chocolate melanger is made up of high-quality stainless steel food-grade material which is used in the full-body drum and outside-body of the machine.
  • By using the chocolate making melanger we can able to increase and decrease the speed of cocoa grinding.
  • The Mini chocolate melanger
     known as the Cocoa Grinder will run up to 140 RPM.
  • It is uniquely designed and easy to operate as a table-top machine.
  • The chocolate making machine is featured with the double roller granite stone for the fine conching of cocoa bean for fine butter.
  • This double hard black granite will prevent thinning or chipping and even ideal equipment for a long run of use.
  • This mini melanger will grind the particles up to less than 15 microns.
  • Our Century Mini Melanger is used for grinding Cocoa Butter, Cashew Butter, Pistachio Butter, Tahini Sesame Seeds, Hazel Nut Butter, Boiled Chick Peas and Rice Batter etc.
  • The motor of the machine will not get overheated even for continuous & efficient running.
  • This melanger drum can be easily detached from the machine for emptying the finely grounded cocoa butter and for cleaning.
  • The chocolate making machine is ideal for small businesses which comes with One Year International Warranty from the date of the purchase.