Here's How Much Compensation You Can Get For an Accident or Other Injury Case in Ontario
A recent report on the state of Ontario’s Auto Insurance Systems shows that we have one of the least effective systems in play.

A personal injury or accident may leave you in severe pain, seriously shaken, and even confused as to what to do next. In the situation that you or someone you care for gets injured by someone else's carelessness, you must seek help from an Accident Lawyer to file a personal injury claim.

Whether you've been hurt or injured in an accident in Ontario, you need to follow a complex series of rules if you're planning to file a claim for your injury, lost wages, pain & misery, or even get the insurance provider to fix your vehicle.

How much money do you get for an accident or other injury case in Ontario?

Ontario's car accident system is a lot distinct from others like Quebec's. There is no set amount for a selective injury in Ontario. There are cases that attorneys and others might consider to assess the equal value of the case. The exact value that the case is worth, however, is determined by individual factors.

For instance, if Wayne Gretzky (retired professional hockey player) had a significant wrist fracture at the height of his career, the lawsuit would be worth more than if other people had sustained the same injury. Many factors that could affect the amount will be the level of suffering and disability caused by accident, the age of the affected person, and all other causes that appear to make the incident and its consequences severe.

It should always be noted that there is a cap on pain and suffering aspects of awards in Canada. The cap was subjected to inflation when the Supreme Court adopted it in a series of decisions in the 1970s. It's now between about $300,000 and $350,000. Remember that this ensures that a person who has the worst possible injury is limited to claiming that sum for pain and suffering.

Another reason behind the cap may be that no amount of money will fully compensate anyone with a significant injury, but that does not mean that it is the maximum total amount that they can claim. In several cases, the injured individual may also claim other types of damage, including loss of income or loss of competitive advantage, future care costs, etc. In most cases, these are not subject to a limit.

Of course, in the event of an accident, there are thresholds, deductibles, and other limits. Nonetheless, in the case of an accident, there is also a high chance of compensation and settlement under the accident benefits system.

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