Gojek Clone Script Cambodia
This is a write up that lists the four primary features that are absolutely necessary to make sure that your Gojek Clone business is successful in Cambodia.

Use the Gojek Clone Script to start your Business in Cambodia

The Gojek clone app has quickly become the best possible business in most South East Asian countries. So, if you too want to start off your Gojek like business, then here’s how to!

Pick the best Gojek clone app in the market

The Gojek clone app is a very complicated and very detailed app. No one can just build it in a few days. IT takes meticulous coding and lots and lots of quality checks. This is why you have to be absolutely sure that you purchase your application from a company that has been in the app development business for a very long time. 

Some may even say that it is best to opt for a reliable white label app development company that has been one of the first to clone the app. A quick Google search will show you the many cloned apps like Gojek available in Cambodia, however, if you are serious about your investment and growing your business, ensure that you only go for the one that ranks well on the listings. 

Google usually lists companies on the basis of their age in the market and its popularity. If you pick a company that ranks relatively higher up, chances are, you will get a better quality application. 

app like Gojek

Now that you have settled on which app you should buy, there are four mandatory features that you should look for in them. These four features are absolutely necessary to make sure that your customers enjoy using your app and find it easy to place requests and get their services delivered quickly and efficiently.

Let us take a look at the four features:

Social Media Integration

Social media is a key aspect of our lives today. This means that most people today already have a social media account. Your app should therefore be designed in a way that allows people to log in using their social media handles (IDs) or even using their emails.

No one likes to fill out tedious forms in order to register into the app. To begin with, it is already hard enough to get people to download your on demand app. Once they have already downloaded the app, if you present them with a long enough form, it is only going to become a menace for your customer. Make sure that they can log in effortlessly with Facebook or even their email IDs. In case, however, your customers still choose to fill out the form, give them that option as well.

Book Now or Later Option

Sometimes, people prefer to make a booking to use later. Say, for example, your customer works a little away from Cambodia and takes a little while to reach home from work every day. They should be able to make the booking whenever they like (even in the middle of the night) and schedule the appointment for a later time.

This ultimately results in a much higher booking rate because your customers can book the services through your Gojek Clone app anytime that they remember to. Say, while leaving their office, they can make the booking for an hour later, so that they are at home after driving back to Cambodia just in time for the service provider at their home.

Pay Online or By Using Cash

Typically, for most online services it is of utmost importance to make the online payment option available. However, if you believe that many people in Cambodia still prefer to make cash payment, you must have that feature available in your application. Allow your customers to choose from online payment options or cash on delivery to make sure they are always satisfied with your application. 


Since the Gojek clone application is such a huge and complicated one, the best way to make sure that your customers can find the services that they are looking for easily, make sure that you have bifurcated the services in categories. 

The customer should be able to click on the category and get a list of all the services within the category. This will make the app customer friendly and also the best thing for your users. 


The ultimate objective of your business is to make Gojek clone a success in Cambodia. This is why, when you pick up the Gojek clone script, ensure that it comes loaded with these features, so that your customers always love you and never look for another option in your competitors! All the best.