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Auto transport | Car transport | Car shipping | Auto shipping | Vehicle shipping | Vehicle transport

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Auto Transport City is an online marketplace with the aim to make customers meet transporters to easily communicate about vehicle shipment. We facilitate our customers by giving them an online platform to explore options like car shipping and creating a new shipment process. After continuing with the shipment process, the customers can easily get identified with the interested auto transporters. It is a big opportunity for auto shippers to get connected with the customers without any hurdle and get started with the transportation process with prices of their own choice. Auto transporters who want to start their business with Auto transport City can easily establish a business relationship with ATC. This platform provides benefits to both customers and transporters in the form of effective communication and services.

We believe in setting the bar high because we care about the amount of love and trust that one puts in us when they think about getting help from our platform of Auto Transport. When auto transporters believe in ATC’s mission to help people to reach their transportation goals, that is when ATC sets high standards for the customers and auto truckers. We pursue excellence and customer satisfaction and deliver it through reliable car transport. We know that people invest emotions and finance both and we don't want to give substandard services. We believe in providing quality professional auto transport services.

Time and Distance are two factors that act simultaneously when it comes to transporting a vehicle. Time is crucial to the auto truckers and the longer the distance they need to cover, the longer the time it will take. This will eventually add on to the fuel consumption and the efforts of the auto transporters. Rates go down with the increase in distance, but the car shipping quote gives the higher estimates of the auto transport services. The solution that ATC has for this issue is state to state car transport that helps the customers with the option to ship it from one state to another at economic rates.

Condition of the car plays a fundamental role in regulating the car shipping cost and other such auto transport services. Your car can either be operational or it can be non-operational. The actual condition of the car determines the cost that will be levied on shipment. Depending upon the condition of the car, the transporters decide the costs. If it is in working condition then it will cost less than if it does not steer and rolls. Car shipping calculator also gives you a fair idea about what price should you expect for the shipment service.

Services of Open Carriers are cheaper than Enclosed Carriers. More than 50% of people prefer open transport carriers because they are economical. Enclosed carriers provide additional services with added protection and safety than open trailers in auto transportation. It is a fact that people see the type of auto hauling trailer first and then choose the service. If open trailer service is involved, then the cost will be far much lesser than enclosed carriers.

Size matters! Size of the vehicle directly affects the costs that would be levied on auto transport. Since the size determines how much of the space the car will cover, the larger and heavier the vehicle is the more the cost of its shipping. The heavier the size will get, the more there will be the responsibility of the auto truckers and harder it will get to take care of the vehicle that is under shipment. That is why vehicle size matters a lot because it sets the auto shipping rates.

Seasonal changes may give birth to different needs of auto relocation and directly affects the cost of transportation. How much to transport a car? Because the needs and demands of people also change with the season, there are drastic changes in the auto transport cost. Our car shipping calculator provides with costs that are prevalent in the market and gives the finest estimate according to the seasonal fluctuations. Seasons do have an overall impact on how drivers deliver the cars and how much do they ask for the service.

Are you having problems understanding how car shipping works and what are some things that you need to keep in mind before shipping your car? All such queries are answered in the FAQs mentioned on right.

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