The Top 7 Horror Movie Villains
The Top 7 Horror Movie Villains
Every great horror film requires at least one villain to challenge the protagonists against, whether it's an armed maniac with a chainsaw or a demonic creature from another world or humanity's own dark side. However, not every horror movie's villains identical. Certain ones endure the tests of time and are able to entertain and scare filmgoers for decades after they first appeared in the cinema.

With this in mind we're breaking down the 31 greatest and scariest horror film villains ever. Where did icons such as"The Shining's" Jack Torrance, Saw's Jigsaw Killer and Michael Myers, the unstoppable Michael Myers clock in? Check out the article to find out.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers is one of the most popular and long-lasting Slasher film villains. He practically invented the genre we have today in the 1978 Halloween. As opposed to characters like Freddy Krueger, Myers has no personality or emotion. He's just an unassuming, cold unremorseful killer, an exact representation of the Boogeyman. The numerous Halloween films prove that Myers was imprisoned in a mental facility as a young man after murdering his sister. A majority of sequels and reboots let Myers escape from prison or death, only to then return to the wrath of Laurie Strode (who is sometimes transformed into Myers sister). Myers isn't able to be killed. He is unstoppable. There's no way to escape the ire of Michael Myers. Whichever section in the Halloween multiverse you be in.

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Freddy Krueger

It's hard to deny Freddy Krueger's history. Freddy made his debut with the film A Nightmare on Elm Street and has had a long and a long career of slaying innocent people with their fantasies. This supernatural aspect is what makes Freddy apart from the crowd. It's no surprise that he's got stunning visual appeal such as the burned face and the razor-sharp shears the worn-out shirt and the fedora.

Freddy was played by Robert Englund for eight consecutive films from 1984 to 2003. The culmination was his long-awaited fight in the face of Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason, as well as on Freddy's Nightmares, the TV show Freddy's Nightmares. Jackie Earle Haley took over the part in the reboot in 2010. One thing these films have made evident is Freddy Krueger is an man to be fearsome in the world of the living as well as in the dreams of.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is the central antagonist in the long-running Friday the13th series. The character is immediately identified as the lumbering murderer who hides his face under a hockey mask, and uses the deadly machete. It was not until the third Friday of the 13th film that his style was firmly established. Voorhees was not even the main antagonist of the first film. His Mother was actually the person who was responsible for killing a group of camp counselors as a retribution for the drowning of her son years prior to. However, Jason returned from his tomb to carry on the legacy of his mother. Nobody is more adept in killing beautiful bonesheaded teens in a variety of brutal ways. Much like Michael Meyers Jason appears to be invincible. The bloodlust of Jason even took Jason to the cold regions of space, and back. He's even set to be renewed in a prequel story written by the well-known Superfan of Friday the 13th Bryan Fuller.

The Xenomorphs

The first Alien featured the Xenomorph which was a bloodthirsty carnivore which was born from human host bodies. It was able to almost wipe out the entire crew of spaceships before being sucked into space. Alien invaders increased the danger by introducing a whole group of Xenomorphs. Even more disturbing, the aliens were just drones that served the massive Alien Queen, a bigger and more terrifying replica of her kids. The heroine Ellen Ripley narrowly escaped her first encounter with the Queen in the film However, she wasn't quite as fortunate the second time the second time around. The Xenomorphs have been a constant threat in spinoffs such as Aliens against. Predator and Alien: Covenant. Even though the quality of the films is wildly different, the monsters are always the subject of nightmares.


Don't let it be said that John Kramer doesn't put in the effort. The notorious killer isn't content with just any murder weapon. He creates intricate death traps which force victims to the limit of their endurance and mental sanity. In contrast to other Slasher-type villains, Jigsaw has a true method of killing. He would like his victims to enjoy life in fighting to keep them alive.

Jigsaw has appeared on eight out of nine Saw films (2021's Spiral being a spinoff with a focus on a copycat murderer). While the plot of the series has had a decline in its returns over time but there's something about the antagonist that clicks. We'll discover whether Jigsaw retains his zing in the upcoming film when actress Tobin Bell makes a return in the upcoming 10th Saw film.

Kevin Wendell Crumb

After a string of disappointing films from the 2000s, M. Night Shyamalan came back to his best with the release of 2016's Split. It's due in no small in part, to James McAvoy's frightful scene-stealing role as Kevin Wendell Crumb, an seemingly harmless zoo employee who's mind contains 23 other characters. Over all of them the zoo is "The Beast," a supernatural creature that seems to devour human flesh. Kevin along with his various self were back in 2019's Glass. Although it's not the most satisfying ending to Shyamalan's Unbreakable/Split trilogy, it provides McAvoy another chance to bring the terrifying persona to the screen.

The Entity (It Follows)

It follows cleverly around a supernatural force, which is essentially an STD that's cursed. If a person gets sick they must either transfer the disease to the next lucky shmuck or live the rest of their lives trying to escape a ferocious killer. The thing that creates "The Entity" so terrifying is the fact that it could look just like anyone. It is impossible to predict who a random stranger down the hall, on the street, or even on the bus might be the Death-incarnate.