Why it is important to test automotive parts against corrosion?
Why it is important to test automotive parts against corrosion?
Salt Spray Chamber is made as per ASTM B117 and JIS 2371 which is used for conducting Neutral Salt Spray Test or NSS test on Meta Surface Coatings. It is used for checking the resistance of the coating towards corrosive environment. The Salt Spray Tester generates an accelerated form of Salt laden environment inside which the specimen are tested for its quality.

Automotive parts are widely used in the automotive industry for lubricating, cleaning, or repairing motor vehicles. The surface of these parts is coated with paint so that these components can be used for a longer time. But manufacturers of the automotive industry must conduct quality tests to ensure the right products will be delivered to the customers. One of the most important tests for ensuring a coating is properly applied and will be resistant to corrosion is the salt spray test. This is one of the essential quality control tests that can be conducted with the help of the Presto salt spray chamberThis corrosion test chamber designed by the experts at Presto has been made as per ASTM B117 and JIS 2371 test standards to ensure that users can accurately conduct the test with the help of this lab testing instrument. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the importance of testing automotive parts against corrosion. But, let us get started with the introduction about the neutral salt spray test and why you should conduct it.

Introduction to neutral salt spray test

Testing automotive parts against corrosion is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. Corrosion can cause your car to lose performance, and it can also lead to expensive repairs. By testing your parts against corrosion, you can ensure that they will last longer and perform as they should. Salt spray testing is one of the essential quality lab tests that have been conducted on metallic as well as non-metallic materials to test their corrosion resistance properties of them.

By conducting a neutral salt spray test on the materials, one can easily ensure the effectiveness of paints and coatings applied to protect the substrate from getting corroded. Presto salt spray testing chamber is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that is used to analyze the effect of corrosion on different automotive parts. Let’s have a look at how the Presto salt spray chamber is useful in conducting NSS tests on the materials. You can also read about the benefits of salt spray chambers in the metal industry.

How does the Presto salt spray chamber help to conduct a neutral salt spray test?

A salt spray chamber is a type of laboratory that is used for the study of corrosion resistance properties of the materials when exposed to a salt-laden environment. Presto is a leading manufacturer of salt spray chambers and provides this lab testing instrument at the best and most affordable prices. With the use of this testing chamber, you can easily test the corrosion resistance properties of materials and identify whether your surface coatings will be able to withstand different weather conditions or not.

With salt spray testing, one can easily ensure that the materials can easily withstand corrosion and can be used for a longer time. When comes to the Presto salt spray chamber, then it provides complete flexibility to the users to stimulate accurate weathering conditions.

This lab testing equipment has been made with a triple-walled structure fitted with glass wool insulation, which will ensure that the results will be accurate and reliable. With its highly advanced air regulator, one can adjust the airflow from 0 to 30 psi.

This testing chamber has been made in accordance with industry standards that include ASTM B 117 and JIS Z 2371. Below, we have listed the features of the Presto salt spray chamber.