What are the health benefits of zinc supplements?
Zinc is a nutrient that plays various essential roles in the body. Because the body doesn`t naturally build zinc, the body needs food or supplements rich in zinc to acquire it. It can be in both plants and animals


Finding the best supplement among various supplements to boost your overall health can hectic, but it should not be. It has antioxidant properties in it, which means it protects cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals. The body doesn't need an enormous amount of zinc, an allowance of 8 to 11 mg is enough to consume regularly.

Zinc is a nutrient that plays various essential roles in the body. Because the body doesn`t naturally build zinc, the body needs food or supplements rich in zinc to acquire it. It can be in both plants and animals.

A poor diet is a result of zinc deficiency. It is common in malnourished children and adults and in people who are unable to have the usual diet due to illness or fortune. Zinc deficiency can be seen in alcoholics, aged, and persons with a restricted diet.

Zinc deficiency causes various symptoms like loss of appetite, slow growth, delayed sexual maturity, loss of taste and smell, slow wound healing, hair loss, skin problems, night blindness, etc.


Why do we need zinc in the body? 


Zinc is a nutrient that our body requires to stay healthy. It is a nutrient that aids in developing the immune system and growth during childhood and enables the body to make proteins and DNA. Finding says that oxidative stress is also the reason for zinc deficiency. Zinc also contributes to healthy skin, wound healing, maintaining the sense of smell and taste, development, and function of immune cells, supports pregnancy, prevents osteoporosis, etc.


At high risk


Infants, pregnant women, children are at high risk for zinc deficiency compared to adults. High nutritional demands in pregnant women and during lactation should be fulfilled leads to zinc deficiency. Young children are at higher risk of zinc deficiency because of increased zinc demand during growth. The study states that in the elderly, absorption of zinc decrease with age. 


Type of zinc supplements.


Zinc sulfate


Zinc sulfate is an organic compound and, according to a study, lessens the severity of acne. Always ask your doctor before taking zinc sulfate especially, for pregnant women, because zinc sulfate passes through breast milk to a nursing baby and, it can be harmful.


Zinc Gluconate

It is the most common and affordable form of zinc. It is commonly found in cold remedies, like nasal sprays and lozenges. It contains zinc salt in the form of gluconic acid and is generally recognized as safe.


Zinc picolinate


Zinc picolinate supplement is a dietary supplement that contains zinc salt of picolinic acid to treat zinc deficiency. The body may absorb or digest zinc picolinate better than any other zinc as it is one of the easiest and best zinc supplements on the market.


Zinc acetate


This form of zinc is commonly used to treat zinc deficiency and is also added to cold remedies to treat the common cold.


Zinc citrate


Finding found that zinc citrate is still the best-absorbed form of zinc as gluconate. Zinc citrate is mainly used in dental care products.


Zinc Oxide


This form of zinc is used to treat skin problems and is widely used in cosmetic and personal care products like makeup, lotions, soaps, powder, etc. Zinc oxide also acts as skin protectants and is used in sunscreen products.


Benefits of Zinc Supplements


Boosts the immunity


The role of zinc plays a vital role in the immune system as immune cells depend on zinc for proper functioning and healthy development. Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps in reducing inflammation and protects against chronic conditions.


Enhance Wound healing


Zinc deficiency leads to slow wound healing. In hospitals, zinc is generally used as a treatment for skin injuries, burns, etc. A strong immune system is essential in fighting against harmful diseases and avoiding the evolution of wound infections



Control sugar level


Zinc also know for its role in insulin secretion and sugar control level. It also helps in protecting against diabetes and can reduce oxidative stress which, is common in diabetes patients. It also improves cholesterol and triglyceride level.



Reduce the risk of premature birth

Zinc enables the body to make proteins and DNA that are needed for proper growth and development because, of these functions, it is an essential mineral for pregnant women. Zinc supplements may help to avoid early labor or premature birth.


Points to remember while taking zinc supplements:


  • Always ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.
  • Inform your doctor if you are allergic or have allergy-related to its ingredients.
  • If you have diabetes, liver problems, Vitamin B12 deficiency, consult your doctor before taking zinc supplements.
  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant because this product is safe during pregnancy when used as directed by the doctor.
  • Do not intake zinc supplements and iron, or copper, or phosphorus supplements at the same time.


To maintain a healthy zinc balance in the body is to focus on food sources. You can aim for a variety of plant and animal foods if you`re an omnivore. If you are concerned about the insufficiency of zinc in the body, ask your doctor for dietary supplements which will bridge the nutritional or zinc gap (if any) in the body.