For your first waxing service you need to check if your skin can endure waxing, exfoliate beforehand, tell your waxer your allergies, do proper aftercare

The idea of waxing can be terrifying for some people. They might have heard from their friends how painful waxing is, especially in sensitive areas. Yes, it is painful, but if you do it the right way, it is all compensated. The overall result i.e. the smooth skin you get is worth all the pain, rather than having excess body hair. Sur, a razor and shaving cream can remove your hair without any pain, but waxing proves to be a much better hair removal method. Not only waxing removes a larger amount of hair, but it guarantees a long-lasting smoothness of your skin.

There are many waxing kits available to try at home. This is conventional, but you won’t get the same results as a professional would get. This is why; techsquadteam offers doorstep professional waxing and threading services in Bhubaneswar. If you are looking for a safe and hygienic hair removal method, getting the assistance of a professional is the best way to go. Many women fear getting waxed, due to the pain, which is justified, but there is far more to waxing than just pain. Here are the things you need to know before having your first waxing services in Bhubaneswar:

Before you book your first waxing appointment, it is vital to have a check-up beforehand. Waxing uses artificial ingredients and chemicals, so you need to check with your dermatologists if your skin can handle these waxing treatments.

Artificial chemicals can cause skin rashes and irritation to those who have sensitive skin. To know how your skin will react to waxing, do an allergy patch test beforehand. You should wait at least 24 hours for the test to complete and make sure there is no skin irritation.

Once you have established that your skin is fine with waxing, you need to tell your appointer waxing beautician everything related to your allergies and skin sensitivities before you start the service. This will help your beautician determine the correct wax and the process will be a lot easier on your skin.

You should book your waxing services during certain time periods, as sensitivity caused during instances like the menstrual cycle can make the waxing process more painful. Also, tell your waxer all about your body lotions and creams that you use, to prevent allergies.

Preparing your skin for waxing is as important as telling about your allergies. You need to exfoliate your skin beforehand so that the waxing is done without any setbacks. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, which will allow the hair to break through the surface easily.

Also, do not shave your hair before a waxing service, it defeats all the purpose. Shaving beforehand can make the waxing more difficult than it should be. You need to have at least a quarter of an inch length of hair for the waxing to be effective and smooth. You can trim few hairs, but do not go overboard.

The sole reason why most women fear waxing is the unbearable pain. While pain is an inevitable part of the waxing process, there are certain ways to can minimize the pain. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and exercising for a few days beforehand can help in reducing the pain while waxing and make the process bearable.

For more immediate effect, you can have a few mild pain killers to diminish the pain. Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve are some of the over-the-counter pain relievers you can take on your waxing day to bear the pain. You need to take the medicine 30 – 45 minutes prior to the waxing for better help.

The aftercare of your skin is as important as your beforehand prep for the waxing service. Typically you should wait 4 – 6 weeks before scheduling your next waxing appointment so that you can take proper care of your skin during that time. You can get all the aftercare advice when you book professional beauty services in Bhubaneswar.

Use daily serums for ingrown hairs and exfoliate frequently to keep your skin smooth and healthy. Dry skin can cause major problems during waxing, so it is better to keep your skin hydrated, before and after the waxing. Use a good moisturizer regularly to avoid any potential tearing or discomfort during your next waxing service.