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We are your specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Ottawa.

Rehabilitation could be understood as the process of assisting a person who has suffered an injury or illness and restoring his/her lost skills along with maximizing self-sufficiency. For example- after a stroke, rehabilitation may help the patient walk and speak efficiently again.

At PhysioExperts, Rehabilitation is designed to meet every person's specific needs; therefore, we have kept each program is different. Some usual treatment components for rehabilitation programs consider the following:

1.   Treating the disease base and preventing complications

2.   Curing the dysfunction and improving the ability

3.   Offering adaptive tools and altering the surrounding

4.   Teaching the patient and family how to adapt to lifestyle changes

5.   The success of rehabilitation variably depends on the following:

6.   The nature and degree of particularly resulting in disabilities and impairments

7.   The kind and severity of the disorder, disease, or injury

8.   The overall health of the patient

9.   Family support

The need could be found across all age groups, although the level, type, and goals of rehabilitation differ by age very often. People having chronic impairments, commonly older people, have different goals and require a less intense level of rehabilitation or a longer period of rehabilitation than younger people do with a temporary impairment (like due to a burn or fracture).

For example, the goal of an older person might be just to regain the ability to do as many self-care activities as someone who has had a stroke and severe heart failure—such as eating, dressing, bathing, etc. The goal of a younger person is often to regain all the functions as quickly as possible who has had a fracture.

We are your specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Ottawa.

Nonetheless, age alone is not a reason to make changes in goals or the severity of rehabilitation, but the availability of other disorders or limitations may be.

Objectives of Rehabilitation:

1.   Rehabilitating the person with remaining physical abilities and build his/her aptitude

2.   Helping one obtain and maintain a positive attitude towards the injured person

3.   Delivering suitable and relevant physiotherapy treatment as early as possible

4.   Educating patients about their injury, their treatment plan, etc

5.   Diminishing or eliminating disabilities and disorders as much as possible

6.   Providing professional support concerning disability

Our treatment in PhysioExperts, the best physiotherapy rehab center in Ottawa, consists of the use of medical, social, educational, and vocational measures for helping patients achieve their highest level of functioning.

Patient-centric care is our top priority at PhysioExperts Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. PhysioExperts have mastered the art of understanding the psyche of our clients and accordingly providing them with the care and affection they deserve.

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