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Tennessee may be a lovely state that’s sadly, like many, plagued by a wave of addiction and overdoses stemming primarily from the opioid epidemic. it’s our mission at Southeast Addiction to assist save lives and take away the poison that’s addiction from the communities we tend to service through providing patient treatment for alcoholism and habituation, still as alternative services like medication assisted  treatment (MAT). providing Rehab Nashville addiction treatment services with the remainder of Tennessee and also the country.

Nashville Substance Use Statistics

The county courthouse of Davidson County, Nashville, Tennessee has big from humble origins to changing into an outsized, documented town that provides a lot of in terms of nightlife, culture, arts, and business. the town has seen an excellent deal of increase since its beginning in 1779 and is most far-famed for its involvement in being a hub for musicians each aspiring and far-famed across a large type of genres still as having an outsized variety of academic establishments, once giving it the name, “Athens of the South”

However, Nashville, like several giant cities, has not been spared by the consequences of the multiple waves of the opioid epidemic and its consequent impact on additional addiction to alternative connected substances or illicit medicine.

According to the NSDUH, AN annual average of 218,000 persons aged twelve or older used illicit medicine within the past year within the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin MSA areas.

Deaths involving opioids destroyed one,307 in 2018 in Tennessee.

Deaths involving artificial opioids like pain pill magnified from the year 2017 to 2018 from 590 to 827, that corresponds with the thought that as medical suppliers and physicians confine on prescribing prescription grade opioids, those that square measure plagued by habituation hunt down artificial medicine like opiate that square measure usually hazardously laced with pain pill.

Deaths involving opiate trended upwards leading to 369 deaths in 2018.

Despite the statistics, opioid o.d. deaths square measure being curtailed through a mix of efforts in legislation still because the diligence of the many compassionate people concerned within the treatment house.

Nashville Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction may be a sickness that nobody ought to have to be compelled to upset alone. it’s imperative that voters of a town or county have access to top of the range addiction treatment services. individuals from all walks of life will be liable to developing a substance use disorder in response to trauma they need endured, or manner circumstances begetting maladaptive  brick mechanisms.

When an individual is within the grips of addiction, they will become isolated and unable to ascertain their condition for what it is—an malady that may be managed.

Whether you’re in Nashville or within the larger Nashville space like Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, etc, Southeast Addiction

At Southeast Addiction, our patient Rehab Nashville addiction treatment programs provide one thing for people of all levels of commitment.


Our partial hospitalization program offers AN intensive treatment expertise for those willing or able to create a larger time commitment to a program. Our PHP in Nashville, American state is targeted on emulating a sensible setting for those coming back sure treatment. Patients return from many alternative life circumstances and things, then making a bespoken treatment arrange that centers around those distinctive qualities may be a essential facet to addiction recovery.

Patients that sign in for our PHP square measure needed to attend many hours of psychotherapy sessions daily still as a minimum of thirty hours per week of structured clinical programming. as a result of this program is targeted on intensity, a patient WHO chooses to endure it ought to have already completed a medical ward before connexion this program as ward may be a precursor to therapeutic work.


Intensive patient treatment is that the good transition out our PHP into a additional relaxed treatment atmosphere. Going from a extremely structured atmosphere back to a standard atmosphere while not support will leave an individual in danger for relapse. Our IOP in Nashville, American state is meant to supply AN expertise which might bridge the gap between medical aid and a presentation to regular life.


Our OP (outpatient program) provides access to several of identical services our additional intensive addiction treatment offerings embrace. it’s the proper answer for those that cannot create an outsized time commitment, however need care, or those that square measure transitioning out of a additional intensive program however aren’t quite prepared for post-treatment recovery on their own.

Davidson County Addiction Treatment Services

At Southeast Addiction, we tend to specialize in a mix of ancient ways of treating addiction that are tested and tried to figure, with newer methodologies that show nice promise in treating substance use disorders.

Individual medical care

Individual medical care may be a hallmark of treatment for a large vary of mental state problems starting from depression, trauma, generalized folie, etc. Addiction isn’t simply a physical sickness, however one that’s propagated by mental state problems still. additional usually than not, addiction is comorbid with mental state ailments like anxiety or depression still.

Addressing these mental state problems that square measure comprised of maladaptive  brick mechanisms, negative thought patterns, and alternative unhelpful views that keep an individual unfree in a very cycle of abuse. Eliminating or learning to moderate these thoughts and behaviors will create huge changes in a very person’s life.

Medication Management

Medication management is usually a vital a part of treating addiction through managing any co-occuring mental state conditions that the patient possesses. once consulting with a shrink, a medical skilled can return up with a smart medication arrange still as work to teach the patient on their medications and their acceptable use. we tend to additionally administrate the dispensing of those medications for the patient.

Post-treatment Support

Our community and employees square measure invariably here to assist you once you have got discharged from treatment. Weekly telehealth sessions square measure an excellent thanks to keep concerned and receive steerage once you have got left a proper program. These sessions offer a lifeline to any or all that you simply have learned for as long as you wish it.

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