To protect your backyard and swimming pool from mosquitoes, build screen room enclosure, remove standing water, light mosquito repellent candles and traps

A normal warm evening requires a backyard barbecue and a pool party. Everything is great except one thing, mosquitoes. These pests are termed as the world’s most dangerous animals, due to their kill rate. Mosquitoes feed on our blood and are capable of transmitting serious diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. While mosquitoes do not damage our home, garden, or property, a larger presence of this pest can be dangerous when it comes to health hazards.

Mosquitoes can be very irritating, especially when you are enjoying yourself in your backyard or pool. You may have tried many solutions, such as mosquito repellents, but they keep coming. Well, to be honest, the best way to get rid of the mosquitoes is to hire professional mosquito pest control services in Hyderabad. But, you won’t be able to hire them every day. So, here are some tips on keeping the mosquitoes away from your backyard and pool:

Mosquitoes lay eggs anywhere there is stagnant water. Be it a garbage can, garbage-filled gutters, or useless tires, or just a pot filled with water. Remove all the standing water you have got from your backyard. You don’t have to worry about swimming pool water, as the chlorine and filters won’t let mosquitoes lay any eggs.

If you have a kiddie pool or a birdbath, change its water at least a few times a week. You can also have larvicide biscuits drop in the water. These biscuits are safe for humans, pets, and tadpoles and kill the mosquito larvae effectively. The professionals from pest control services in Hyderabad also strictly advice on removing any kind of stagnant water.

Have you ever noticed that flying bugs including mosquitoes are very inactive during windy atmosphere? There are many reasons for this action. Mosquitoes travel at 1.5 – 2 km/hr, so even a light wind can make it difficult to land and bite you.

But, most importantly, mosquitoes love the carbon dioxide that we exhale and wind makes it disperse. Also, a nice breeze cools us down and dries our sweat, which the mosquitoes love very much. So, install few fans around your patio or backyard to keep the mosquitoes away.

While we humans hate mosquitoes, there are many predators who absolutely love to eat them. Sparrows, migratory songbirds, and swallows like to feed on these insects. So, consider hanging a few bird feeders in your backyard to attract these birds.

If you don’t mind bats, you can put up a few bat houses that will devour these mosquitoes. If you have got a pond or backyard aquarium, you can put some koi fish, goldfish, and some red-eared turtles, who will keep the bug problem to a minimum.

If you don’t want to get mosquito control services in Hyderabad, you can set up few mosquito traps around your backyard to kill those insects. These traps attract the mosquitoes by spreading CO2 and the fan or a vacuum that draws them inside, where they dehydrate and die. But, you would have to choose a special place to target.

Citronella candles are the most popular choice to wander off the mosquitoes. There are many other candle substances such as geraniol that also prove to be just as effective. Also, you can have lanterns and bulbs that emit yellow light, which the mosquitoes hate.

Building a screen room enclosure around your pool or backyard is a guaranteed way to prevent the mosquitoes from entering inside until the screen is intact. These enclosures are walled transparent structures that will surround your pool and backyard. This method has proven to be 100% effective.

The screen room enclosures are particularly popular where there is a high traffic of mosquitoes and no other way is effective enough. However, you have to take care of the enclosure and make sure to repair any holes create din them. This is a one-time expenditure, but it is worth the expense as it is the most effective method and the health of your family is at stake.