Easy Tricks For Sewing With Sequins

Easy Tricks For Sewing With Sequins

Sequin fabric is an interesting material in fashion because you never get bored of it. In addition, sequin is also a great fabric every time you want to sew something new, casual, or luxurious. In this article, I will share with you information about sequin fabric.

You will know how to sew it easily with a few helpful tips. You will also have some information to avoid damaging your sewing project with troubles from sequin fabric. And if you have the   best sewing machine for beginners , I think you can work with sequin fabric easily!

Sewing With Sequin

First, you should know that Sequin fabric is elastic. So I want you to be careful when choosing a pattern, and the best way is using the simple pattern. Because of the elasticity, if you use inconsonant pattern, it doesn't work, and then your whole project will be broken in the final steps.

This is pretty bad because you have spent a lot of effort in completing this sewing project. You must check the properties of the fabric to see if it is elastic or not. Once you know the properties of the fabric, let’s choose simple patterns. Try to select items without distortion after the effects.

Next, I will talk about ironing. You must keep in mind that the heat from the iron can damage the sequin because it is very sensitive. Once you have finished sewing, you can still iron the fabric. But be careful and gentle with this fabric.

Although I was able to sew the sequin fabric easily with best sewing machine for beginners making clothes   , another problem I encountered while sewing the sequin fabric was when I cut it. The debris creates a mess and they are everywhere in your sewing area. So, how to avoid this trouble?

You should keep the cloth below the cut area. When the sequin breaks off the dress, it falls off the cloth. You should also mark the cut lines on the back of the fabric because the sequin is quite uncomfortable when cutting.

Sew sequins using a basic sewing machine

Do you remember serger? Do not use serger on sequin fabric because the blade will be broken. You will spend a lot of money to repair or replace this item. Talking about those needles, you should use leather needles for your sequin project. Sequin is quite uncomfortable and it will blur the blade, even if you use a cutting tool to handle it.

Do you remember that I said sequin can be elastic? So, you should extend the stitches. You can apply narrow zigzag stitching techniques. It works well and is suitable for this project!


If you are a new sewist, I believe you will have some troubles in processing sequin fabrics. But it will be valuable experiences to help you create professional products in the future. Don't forget the help of the   best basic sewing machine and useful information from sewing machine reviews, they will help you become a good sewist. Try these sewing tips and make your beautiful clothes with sequins today!