A Cafe POS Systems Australia
Let us start by briefly talking about what features you ought to be trying to find in your cafe POS systems Australia.

What to Look for In A Cafe POS Systems Australia

Let us start by briefly talking about what features you ought to be trying to find in your cafe POS systems Australia.

Ease of Use

In the world of cafes and coffee shops, not only is there a high turnover among customers, but there is also a high turnover with employees. As such, you will need a POS system Australia that is easy to use and straightforward to show. You furthermore may do not want to be cursed with an interface that creates life difficult for your employees. A clean, modern front helps employees hamper on ordering errors and speeds people through the road.

Inventory Management

Even if your menu is comparatively small, a cafe can undergo tons of product during a short amount of your time. You will want to form sure that you simply always know if ingredients are running low. At an equivalent time, you will want to understand if certain items are hurting your bottom line. Within the competitive POS market, there is no reason to accept a system that does not offer strong inventory management and/or integrations with third-party inventory software.

Onscreen Tipping

Encouraging gratuity is vital within the cafe biz, and a POS with onscreen tipping makes it easy for patrons to go away a tip once they pay with a credit card. A POS systems Australia that means present tipping amounts ($1, $2, $3) or percentage-based tips (18%, 20%, 25%) before collecting the customer’s digital signature makes it more likely that you’ll get the tip you deserve for your excellent service. Onscreen signatures and tipping necessitate some sort of customer-facing display, which could just be a tablet that swivels to face the customer when it is time to pay.


Along an equivalent vein, having POS reports that are simple, easy to read, and straightforward to access can prevent plenty of headaches. The power to thoroughly analyze data and identify what your best-selling items are, which employees are the foremost efficient, and what the busiest times of the day are often extremely valuable. Most good POS systems accompany this type of functionality, and you will want something you will access either right at your register or from your mobile device remotely.

Loyalty Rewards

Did coffee shops create the gift card boom? Perhaps not. But once you hear the phrase, you presumably believe that ubiquitous green-logoed coffee behemoth from the Northwest. Having a robust rewards program with gift card functionality may be a nice bonus to stay customers choosing your shop rather than giving their custom to the countless other options within the area. Usually, loyalty is out there as a paid “extra” and is not included during a POS system’s core feature set.

Small Footprint

Cafes are typically located in small spaces, so you would like a POS that does not take up an excessive amount of space on your counter. Minimalistic iPad and tablet-based POS systems even have a beautiful, modern appearance, which is vital if you would like a classy aesthetic. If you only operate a little cafe cart, you will even prefer to go cashless or do without paper receipts to eliminate the cash drawer and/or receipt printer. However, top POS systems Australia is compatible with compact printers, cash drawers, and space-saving multipurpose accessories.