5 Delicious Plant Based Breakfast Recipes to Kick Start Your Day
Consuming plant based food diet while eliminating sugary and meaty food helps you stay active and refreshed all day long. Moreover, plant…

5 Delicious Plant Based Breakfast Recipes to Kick Start Your Day | by Cis Kimhill | Oct, 2020 | Medium

Consuming plant based food diet while eliminating sugary and meaty food helps you stay active and refreshed all day long. Moreover, plant based protein rich food provides a plethora of health benefits to your body like a high level of energy, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, balanced blood sugar level, maintaining body weight, and more. So now if you are thinking about switching to a vegan diet and looking for some plantbased recipes for daily breakfast that can be easily prepared in just a few minutes, then the below vegan recipes will be perfect for you. These recipes are not just easy to make but also helps you to maintain your healthy dietary schedule.

1. Breakfast Skillet Recipe

This breakfast is bright and beautiful and loaded with great plant based protein ingredients including onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, and potatoes along with the perfect touch of healthy herbs.

To make this vegan recipe, melt coconut oil in a skillet and add coarsely chopped potatoes in the single layer, cook then for 2 minutes on a medium-high flame, then flip them and cook another side for 2 minutes without touching them. Then cook for another 2 minutes while stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and add your bell peppers and onions. Then add all seasonings (salt, pepper, Italian seasonings). Then finally add spinach and mushrooms and cook for a bit longer. Trickle maple syrup and cook until the spinach had wilted. Top with vegan cheese or some vegan bacon if desired.

This plantbased recipe may take some time but is really delicious and savoury, you can even have it for lunch or dinner too.

2. Choco chip banana pancakes

You may often prepare oat bran as it is an easy and quick recipe perfect for breakfast. Well, you can give a delicious twist to your regular oat bran by adding a half of an overripe or a ripe banana, any non-dairy milk, and some chocolate chips to make it highly delicious pancakes. Top them with maple syrup and some chocolate chips, nuts, fruits, and dried fruits. This chocolate and banana pancakes are the perfect vegan recipes for kids.

3. Muesli Breakfast

The muesli breakfast bowl is a healthy breakfast providing balanced nutrition. This is a quick recipe and the best thing about this vegan recipe is that you get more creative whit it by adding different fruits and berries and different vegan yogurts. To make this breakfast recipe in a minute, take ½ cup dairy-free yogurt in a bowl; add in ¼ cup of unsweetened gluten-free muesli, top with sliced banana, nuts and berries then drizzle lightly with maple syrup.

4. Sweet Quinoa Porridge

If you are getting bored with eating your regular breakfast in your vegan diet, then try something new. Take time and make sweet quinoa porridge. This is a very tasty and appetizing vegan recipe that will provide you a complete plant based protein. You can garnish it with some sweet toppings like berries, toasted nuts, almonds, or even a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

5. Cookie Dough Overnight Oats with Chia

Preparing breakfast every morning sometimes feels really daunting. To ease your morning routine this breakfast recipe is awesome. For preparing the recipe, soak oatmeal, chia seeds, and vanilla extracts in the almond milk overnight, and in the morning before eating add some cashew butter, desired sweet toppings like fruits and nuts, and some dark chocolate chips. Then drizzle with a little maple syrup.

The combination of plant based protein and fiber-rich breakfast in the morning holds great importance in boosting your metabolism, brain health, boosting your mood and concentrations, slowing down your insulin levels, and maintain good blood circulation. This plant based food breakfast energize our body and helps you crave less a whole day. So if you are trying to maintain your weight, you can follow a vegan diet and add this plant based food breakfast to fuel your body.