MyWomb Provides The Best Post Delivery Care In Cochin. Our Post Pregnancy Care Crew Includes Experienced And Trained Maids Who Offers Care With A Personal Touch To The Mother And The Newborn.


Life is really amazing! In fact, human life growing in the womb is just incredible. Month-by-month it grows in the care and comfort of a mother’s womb. After the baby is born, both newborn and mother need utmost care.

Parenting a 3 to 4-week old baby can be the start of a big period for you and your infant. At 3 weeks old, your baby features will take shape. They ma..

The birth of a baby is one of life’s most precious moments. The love and joy your little one has brought into your life is beyond measure. Durin..

Pregnancy is a great experience in itself. Many mothers, especially first timers, think once the baby is born, their body will go back to what it look..

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Once you know you are pregnant, you are full of joy, hope & anxiety. People s..

"I am pregnant" is often followed by 2 questions - "How are feeling?" and "what are you craving for? Medical science doesn..

The fact that pregnancy changes everything about a woman’s body is well known. Among other hormones, Relaxin increases significantly during preg..

As each pregnant mother approaches her due date, there are many questions that running in her mind. The top question is how to get a good maid after c..

As an ancient science, Ayurveda has an entire branch of medicine devoted to women’s health, especially post pregnancy ayurveda care for mother a..

It’s known that pregnancies change a woman’s body forever. While many associate this change with the abdominal region, there are other reg..

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. Most people think of Kochi as a just another Airport city. But Kochi has more to o..

When I saw Life Maid Easy Health Care Services celebrate World Prematurity Day, I couldn’t believe the coincidence. I had my premature twin girl..

The second story in our Little Miracles series is a beautiful story. It comes from a special mother who is very close to the Life Maid Easy family. Up..

Hello everyone. I am Fransisca Artha. I am an Indonasian Indian and married to an Indian. We married in April 2013 and since then I conceived 6 times...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This special journey comes with its highs and lows. We, at MyWomb know you are probably ecstatic about it. We ..

Those two lines on the pregnancy test kit have probably driven you into a world of extreme emotions. You probably are already hugging your little one...

Call it the first part of motherhood or the last part of pregnancy, the first few weeks after delivery always seem crazy. You are tired all the time, ..

No matter what mode of birth you have, there is not a word to describe the feeling when you hold your baby for the first time. Many studies conducted ..

You are in the last trimester of your pregnancy. After 34 weeks would be a good time to get your hospital bag ready. It’s not exactly easy to pa..

Congratulations!  This is the final leg of your journey. Imagine finally meeting that little fella who was kicking inside. The third trimester ca..

The second trimester is the span from week 13 to week 27 of pregnancy. It is also is called the "honeymoon period". Typically, by this time ..

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Those two lines on the home test may the most joyful moments of your life. The first trimester begins on the first ..

It is a known fact that humans are mammals.i.e; they feed their new borns from their mammary glands. In simple words, they breast feed. The World Heal..

KARKIDAKA KANJIKarkidakam, the last month of the Malayalam calendar is known for being the month of effective Ayurvedic treatments and therapeutic..

Hello to all the moms out there. Over the last few weeks we saw different ways of hiding that post delivery/postpartum tummy. Saree blouses, long shir..

Admit it. You just had a baby, you are having sleepless nights, you smell of breast milk and the last thing you want is people telling you that you st..

Braxton Hicks contractions, are sporadic uterine contractions that sometimes start around six weeks into a pregnancy. However, they are not usually fe..

As we have read before, premature babies are born before many organs are fully developed and have less or no body fat that can keep them warm after bi..

When a woman learns of her pregnancy the first time, she begins loving the life inside her. Most women scour the internet and arm themselves of what t..

Hey everyone, I would like to share our TWIN story!!4th December 2007- the day I got to know I was pregnant. The thought of a little buddle of joy..

Raising children, singles or multiples, can be hard. No doubt with twins it will be harder. But it comes with its advantages. We spoke to different mo..

Twins and other multiples means way more sleepless nights and days. If you are in that position, here are some ideas that can help it be less str..

From the time you first saw your twins inside you, till the day you held them in your hands, you probably were excited, worried or a bit of both. Now ..

45 years ago when, I got pregnant with my oldest, I had no idea what it would be like to live with a baby. Rajiv was born and practically everybody in..

Last week, I spoke about the hows and whys of confinement practices. By now, we all know that in most parts of India, new mothers have a confinement p..

If you are Indian and just had a baby, your family and extended family cannot stop themselves from telling you about the first 40 days after delivery ..

Breast feeding can be difficult. Sometimes, you will just want to give up. Hang in there. Try these out1. Be a Little Patient While Your Milk Come..

For new moms breastfeeding can be unsettling for many reasons. Especially with your first child. Stress and doubt are constant companions. While ..

The first few minutes after a baby’s birth are a magical time. After nine months of waiting, a new mother gets her first chance to hold her baby..

For first-time moms, or women who are having a vaginal birth for the first time, trying to imagine the sensations that your body will go through in la..

In some parts of the world water births have been around for centuries. In the western world it wasn’t until the 1970s that healthcare prof..

What Is a C-Section? A cesarean section — more commonly known as C-section — is the surgical delivery of a baby. It involve..

From start (when to conceive) to finish (how to deliver), pregnancy is full of personal choices. When it comes to welcoming your baby, if you don'..

Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor. Women request an epidural by name more than any other method of pain ..

An episiotomy is a minor surgery that widens the opening of the vagina during childbirth. It is a cut to the perineum -- the skin and muscles between ..

The postpartum period begins after the delivery of the baby and ends when the mother's body has nearly returned to its pre-pregnant state. This pe..

Your baby begins as a tiny cluster of cells, but during the nine-month process of pregnancy she becomes an amazing baby with facial features, a beatin..

Spotting is a common concern that many pregnant women face.  Approximately 20% of women report they experience spotting during their&nb..

1. Forget dietingFirst, diets don't work; it is about consistency and committing to a healthy lifestyle. Second, you've just been through a ..

We know how important is to maintain the health for woman during pregnancy and after having a baby. Consult us to prevent the complications that can adversely affect the health of mother and baby.