Wikipedia is one of the world’s biggest hub of information, having over 100,000 active volunteers working in 270 different languages.

Wikipedia Experts:

Wikipedia is one of the world’s biggest hub of information, having over 100,000 active volunteers working in 270 different languages. This open-source of information is one of the most effective marketing tools for a business or n individual trying to make a name in the international market.

A Wikipedia page can easily add value to your business and brand. It has a tremendous SEO value and can boost your visibility in the digital world. However, being expert Wikipedia writers and editors requires special skills.One of the basic reasons for that is the Wikipedia guidelines that one must follow to create a Wikipedia page.

Described below are some common mistakes that you can avoid when creating a Wikipedia page. 

Wrong referencing

Citations are one of the essential aspects of writing a Wikipedia page. You must cite the article from credible sources that are known to the world. Blogs, social media posts, company website, or press releases are not considered as valid resources. It is important to find books, journals, academic papers or other such resources to find information and source your claims on the page. Failing to reference the page correctly can get your page flagged to be deleted. Every single claim that you make in the article, you need a solid source to back it up. 

Using promotional language

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Although it can be a great promotional tool for businesses, it is advisable not to use any promotional words or cite any reference that might promote your brand. Using unnecessary adjectives or describing words can work against you and may possibly get the page deleted. Keeping it neutral and factual works more positively on Wikipedia. 

Autobiographical entries

One thing that must be avoided is uploading your own page. You may be a writer, but it is not necessary that you can write a Wikipedia page. One of the most important policies of Wikipedia is writing with a “neutral point of view”.Creating a Wikipedia page about yourself or your brand can have a hint of biasness which can end up in your page being flagged for deletion. 

Don’t request votes on a deletion discussion

If your page is flagged for deletion, you can back it up with a “keep” vote with references and Wikipedia policies. Emotions or long talks don’t work in keeping the article; neither does a simple “keep” vote; you need to give proper and credible reasons that can justify your reasons to keep the page.

Wikipedia may be the best tool for marketing, but you need to make sure you don’t commit any mistake that can lead to the deletion of the page. Make sure you never use glorifying language or facts about your brand in the article, as it can quickly lead to the deletion of the page.