Top 5 Benefits Of Yemeni SIDR Honey
Top 5 Benefits Of Yemeni SIDR Honey
Keep up your good health with Yemeni Sidr Honey. Visit Geohoney today and read more about the benefits of including Yemeni Sidr honey in your daily diet.

Besides the enormous benefits honey offers, some specific kinds of benefits attributed to the Yemeni SIDR Honey. It is one of the best honeys in the world and falls under rare types of raw honey. It is highly reliable for its fruitfulness as it has the unique characteristics of the divine SIDR trees (Ziziphus Spina Christi, L. Willd.). The nectar produced inside the flowers of the SIDR tree is exceptionally powerful and full of nutritional values that contribute to the medicinal qualities of the Yemeni SIDR honey. Let's further list out the benefits of the Yemeni SIDR Honey:


The SIDR trees are planted and grown in the barren areas of Yemen in wild and coarse conditions. It is, however, difficult to find the purest Yemeni honey that is 100% Organic and obtained directly from Yemen with a verified brand. Well, it's not so difficult anymore. Geohoney brings you the most organic Yemeni SIDR honey directly producing nectar from Yemen SIDR plants. 

Raw & Pure

It has been a proven fact that Yemeni beekeepers usually incline to the traditional honey harnessing processes and the beekeeping methods. Hence, they eliminate the entire usage of chemicals in their products from beginning to end and throughout the process. On the other hand, the reproduction of Yemeni SIDR honey, when tried, allowed chemical methods for the prevention of bees that affected and altered the quality of the Yemeni honey. While producing Yemini honey, there is no scope for machinations, and the whole process is manually carried. The unheated natural honey is put into containers that preserve the beneficial protein elements.

Vastly Potent

The beekeepers of the Yemeni honey products in Yemen and those associated with Geohoney have a separate strict guideline to safeguard the honey jars to retain the natural potency and cleanliness and the nutritional value of the honey. Moreover, you can govern the strength of the Yemeni honey by acknowledging the fact that it is only some bees that can manage the potency of the remarkable SIDR tree.

Natural Aphrodisiac

The SIDR honey, in general of any kind, possesses aphrodisiac characteristics, which enhances especially when it is with carrot seeds. When a selection of nuts and herbs mix with Yemeni SIDR honey, it acts as a natural alternative to Viagra with absolutely no side effects and is sometimes referred to as sex booster honey.

Natural Medicine

SIDR Honey has an ample amount of benefits of its own. Major ones being a cure for infections, diseases, stomach pains, cancer, liver problems, digestive problems, constipation, wounds, skincare, eye diseases, and it also strengthens the immune system! It overall gives better health and liveliness.

However, it is extremely important to understand that Yemeni honey is a rare kind of SIDR honey that is only produced in Yemen naturally, making it difficult for you to find a trustworthy jar of one! Geohoney brings you that and delivers it to your doorsteps. Moreover, the astonishing part is you can visit the website for absolutely any kind of rare and raw honey in the world.

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