Shark NV752 review: Is it really as versatile as advertised?
Shark NV752 review: Is it really as versatile as advertised?
Shark NV752 review

Do you intend to buy for your family the Shark NV752 vacuum cleaner? But, do you have a clear understanding of the features and features of this product? Our following article will introduce you to the best vacuum cleaners reviews about Shark NV752, which is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners available on the market.

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Summary of features

  • Capable of controlling with just the tip of your finger.
  • This product uses a sealed HEPA filter capable of filtering more than 99.9% of dust and allergens outside the environment.
  • The HEPA filter and the engine pre-filter are both removable and washable.
  • Features Seal technology that is completely hypoallergenic and features a power cord up to 30 feet long.
  • Use 3 power settings, including high pile carpet, low pile carpet, and bare floor.
  • 5-year warranty.


Overall, this product has an impressive design. The Best Vacuum Cleaner has a floor model that allows you to remove the handle from the machine and clean overhead surfaces.

In addition, the Lift-Away mode allows you to remove dirt from any area without reducing the machine's capacity.

What's more, the suction product comes with fingertip controls that make it easy to turn it on and off with the push of a button.

Besides, this vacuum has many attachments, including a motorized brush and a tool for pet hair.

Performance and charisma

One of the things that cannot be ignored in our Shark NV752 vacuum cleaner reviews is its performance and attraction.

The Shark NV5752 works well on any surface, so that you can use it to vacuum bare floors or on carpets and hard floors. However, when you want to clean a small or low carpet, we recommend using the vac in the lowest setting.

Vac always comes with a crevice tool, which allows the machine to go deep into hard-to-reach areas. Along with floors and carpets, it also does a great job of vacuuming up couches and upholstery.

The brush attachment of the machine has a very good performance in cleaning pet hair from all surfaces. It cleans even the tiniest hairs thanks to the internal turbines and powerful suction.


While most other vacuums only have a general cleaning filter, the Shark NV752 has anti-allergy sealing technology and a HEPA filter. This filter is designed to remove 99.99% of the dust from your home, making the air cleaner.

Besides, the filter of this cordless vacuum cleaner also removes allergens present in your pet's hair or in dust that clings to the bottom of your shoe most optimally.

A quick rundown of Shark NV752


  • Has outstanding suction and air performance.
  • The air filter system is completely sealed, helping to keep allergens inside the dust compartment.
  • The lifting feature is perfectly supported.
  • The dust container has a large capacity.
  • Using bright LED lights to help clean dirt in every corner of the house.


  • No Duo Clean head
  • Difficult to clean large stains.
  • Rotation is not smooth.
  • It's easy to overturn if you're not careful

Through the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners reviews about Shark NV752 above, we hope to have provided interesting information about this vacuum cleaner product that you are interested in. We wish you to quickly choose the product that best suits your needs!