Using Basil Oil | 6 Primary Reasons For Using Basil Oil
Referred to by some as Tulasi or Tulisi, basil is considered in India to be a plant that is sacred. A true staple of households in India, the herb is part of the mint family and can be had in numerous varietal forms. Basil has a storied history of use that dates back centuries, and it is favored by cultures across the globe for the teas, powders and oils for which it is the basis.

The thought is that the royal oil works to add strength to both the heart as well as the mind. It has the desirable attributes of being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-depressive and antioxidant. Given its numerous positive characteristics, it is not surprising that the oil also works to boost hair and skin health. Used optimally in the morning as well as later in the daytime hours, basil oil is an amazingly energizing product.