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SAOs Legend Halloween Event starting on Oct 31, 2016 Avatar

SAOs Legend Halloween Event starting on Oct 31, 2016

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Dear players, During the daily maintenance on Oct 31, 2016, we will make some event updates for both US and EU servers. More details in: New Content: Halloween Event Event Time: 05:00, Oct 31, 2016 - 23:59, Nov 9, 2016 (server time) 1. Top-up Reward: Players whose daily top-up reaches 600 diamonds can claim Halloween Top-up Pack x10. 2. Boss Ranking: Killing bosses giving players Boss points, the top 10 players will be rewarded. 3. Halloween Boss: During the event period, Halloween Boss appears at 14:30 and 21:00 daily. The Boss killer gets the Halloween Boss Pack. 4. Multiple EXP: Every day at 13:30-14:30 and 18:00-19:00, quintuple EXP for killing monsters. 5. Lucky Draw: A large amount of rare items are waiting for you. Joining more times increases the winning chance. 6. VIP EXP: During the event, players will get 20% extra VIP EXP when top up. More details in: