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Notepad Online – Take all your notes online |notepadonline

Notepad online is a completely free to use browser-based text editor. Notepad online allows you to create and edit multiple plain-text files as well as rich-text files from within your browser from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection. Even though there is option to register and login (100% free) it is not at all required for you to get started with Notepad online. Logging in comes with the advantage of keeping documents saved for you, so you may save online and access them later. However, Notepad Online gives you the option of downloading your created documents directly to your system, or phone and resume from wherever you left off. The documents are stored and retrieved in .txt format. online notepad


If you are working on a document on a different platform and want to continue with it using Notepad online, you can upload the text file and seamlessly resume online from wherever you left off.

Similarly, if you had been creating and managing a document from the safety of your own browser, you can save it to your system and upload it to Notepad Online and resume right from where you left off. free online notepad

How to use Encrypt and Decrypt?

  • Click on “Encrypt & Decrypt” to encrypt your document.
  • Your document will look like a lot of garbled collection of words that will appear to make no sense.
  • You can save your document as you want, but please make sure not to make any changes whatsoever to the encrypted file, otherwise your original content will be lost permanently.
  • When you want to resume editing the document, click on “Encrypt & Decrypt” again and you can continue working on your document.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is notepad online?

This is a browser-based online notepad tools. You can use this to save any text from the internet and get access to it anywhere. This is a notepad app that supports auto save and edit notes. You can create a large number of notes for different purposes.

You can even create an account and save as many notes as you like private, public, protected. If you are on the go, this solution is ideal for your note-taking needs 100% Free online tool. You can get Other features like Find and Replace Word, Encrypt and Decrypt notes, Text Editor, case converter, Characters and words counter, notes Download option, And many more..

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