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Those of us who are around fifty years old do not feel identified with those older women who were when we were twenty. Probably because the passage of the years has modified our vision but perhaps more probably because the current fifty-year-old woman is very different in almost every way from one of the eighties and earlier.

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The incorporation into the world of work that has modified our relationships with men, with women themselves, and with our children has made the position we have in life and society is reflected in our way of dressing.

Most of us have already raised children and it is probably time when we can feel more relaxed and somehow regain that desire to take care of ourselves as we did twenty or thirty years ago. We are aware, in some cases, that our bodies have changed but that does not condition us to want to feel beautiful and excited when buying clothes.

Can it be said that there are specific clothing for the thefifty-year-old woman? Well no, because there is almost as much variety of women of that age as there are clothes on the market. A fifty-year-old woman does not like to be pigeonholed into a prototype, she wants to dress young because that's how she feels and reflects it, with personality and in many cases opting for elegance at some point. And for this, it takes advantage of everything it has on the market, looking for that garment that can best adapt to its shapes and taste.

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What does a fifty-year-old woman appreciate most? Quality is usually one of the demands. We know that buying something of quality at an affordable price is a guarantee for our savings. But of course, so is the cut of the garment: it has to sit well and for this, you need a perfect cut.

Some prefer that they do not mark anything or almost nothing, in those cases the dresses of the empire, godé, and trapeze cuts are great. All three adjust the top, leaving the hips looser, or at least in the case of the trapeze cut, without being tight. It is a way to go feminine without marking those more or less accentuated love handles that we want to hide. But there are also those that luckily can afford to go tight and are not always the thinnest, there are bodies with shapes that curiously look super feminine and beautiful. But if this is not your case, there are some girdles on the market, very comfortable to wear that are becoming fashionable especially among younger people. So why not use them too?

The same goes for t-shirts. Some prefer them fitted but also be able to opt for an A-cut or trapeze top. The three options can be ideal depending on the body and the occasion or the preference of the moment.

And the pants? Taking into account that we can include the tights, it all depends on the look we have or choose on each occasion. While itis true that in recent years, dresses and pinafore were hitting hard, it seems that pants have never been left behind. It is a very comfortable and essential garment in our wardrobe. The winners were always the black ones because they stylize, they make us thinner and of course, according to the cut of the pants, more elegant, because black is also a color that adapts easily to any part of the top. As a friend of mine would say: "black people create addiction." And I say: It will be for something!

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Types of pants:

The tights or leggings. - How comfortable they are! And how well they come for tunics and even to combine with a dress. But they are so versatile that they are also used for sports.

Low- rise pants, afghans or penguins, or as it is commonly known: "cages" in its multiple versions.- Many fifty-year-old women love them and wear them without any shame. They are comfortable and why would we deprive ourselves of such a garment? It seems that our eye has gotten used to this cut and we have incorporated it into our brain as one more way that can give us a totally modern and youthful air.

High-waisted pants. It is a garment that can adapt to practically any type of silhouette as long as we choose the right one for the shape of our body. If you have a very straight and slim body, choose one with more or less large prints or with darts on the top to give volume, but if on the contrary you have a curvy body and want to hide those extra kilos in the area of ​​your belly Your choice should be tight, or solid colors or printed with small motifs.

Bell bottoms. Phew! They have been trying for a few seasons now and many women in their fifties have been pioneers in wearing them, however, recently they can be seen more widely on the street. Bell-bottoms tend to shorten the legs, so in the case of being shorter, we should choose one that fits the legs up to the knee and slightly widens towards the ground. Remember that the hem must cover the shoe in order to lengthen the legs, and of course, if you add a heel, you embroider it.

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Something general from a certain age is flaccidity in the arms. It is something that appears after the age of thirty because collagen and elastin wear out, this tends to be accentuated as the years go by. We should not be obsessed to the point of not wearing suspenders, but if we are going to go to an event or job interview, it is preferable that we use some dresses or shirts with wide sleeves such as batwing sleeves, butterfly sleeves, etc., in short, it is better to use all those sleeves that do not fit the body and that does not give us heat and make what we do not want to show go unnoticed.

Garments that is also very useful to hide this drawback are the bullfighters or boleros (short jackets that only cover the arm but expose the armpits and the rest of the body). There are the long-sleeved bullfighters: optimal for a party dress at Christmas and the short-sleeved or French boleros, which are the ones that are usually used in summer. By covering only the arm they are ideal for not roasting from heat.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to feel and be beautiful and attractive at any stage of life