Before you came across this article, how many times did you look up on the Internet as to how to get a perfect look with party wear sarees? Did you already make some fashion blunders? Or looked for fashion advice to create the best look for Indian sarees? We know the hurdles, and don’t really want you all those old faux pas.

But did you get satisfactory answers? Or, have you got the perfect look now? If not, then this article is for you. Indian sarees allow you to blend the traditional and the modern fashion styles.

In this article, we will talk about designer sarees and how to create the perfectly classy look with those.

Party Wear Sarees

Sarees are probably the only outfit that never goes out of trend. Sarees can jazz up any outfit if you wear the right kind, right colour and accessorise it rightly. You can look for other Indian dresses too, but we feel that Sarees look the best. Still not convinced enough? Look at the Bollywood actors. They too, time and again have rocked the ramps, red carpet events, ceremonies, parties and obviously on-screen.  

Tips to Get a Perfect Look with Party Wear Sarees

Choose The Right Colour

A bright shade like yellow would be an impeccable choice for opting any dress for a function or ceremony. Many other colours are suitable too but the only thing is you should feel confident about yourself and freely carry the dress on the occasion.

You could also consider experimenting with dual shades like a peach and pink, blue and green, shades of blue, orange and peach, yellow and white and so on. Just choose one and get dressed in the best of your attires.

Balance Out the Work on The Saree

Detailed embroidery all over the dress and the blouse reminds us of the 90s, but in 2021, it’s a big No No!! Try to play with the saree and blouse, if the saree is on the simpler side, choose a heavily worked designer blouse and vice versa. If you want to go heavier still, choose a saree that only has heavily worked borders and pallu and you can opt for a designer blouse.

Saying that you also need to consider what type of work you would choose. Gota work, sequin work, Swarovski work are all trending this season. So, you can give it a try in choosing a pick a piece that exhibits mix and match of embroidery and embellishments. 

Choose Trending Part-Wear Saree Styles

Styles like ruffled sarees, cape style blouses, flared sarees are all trending. You can also choose ombre sarees which look amazing. Keep experimenting with newer styles and stand out among the mass. However, if you feel that the trendy, designer sarees are not your kind, then the classic Banarasi Silk Sarees are always there for you.

Your Accessories Should Be on Point

The next big thing to keep in mind is the jewellery. You can wear a stunning and expensive saree but the look won’t be complete unless you pair it with appropriate jewelleries. So, next time you buy a nice saree, here are the accessories that you would require. 

  • Necklace and Earrings: If you wear something too heavy, you may look overdone. Rather try to strike to strike a balance here. Go for light and classy jewelleries for heavier sarees, and vice versa. Nice, cocktail earrings look good with the designer, party-wear sarees. 
  • Bangles: If you have plans to wear bangles, wear them only on one hand. You can wear a metal band or bracelet watch on the other or just keep it empty. You can also wear a statement ring on the empty hand.
  • Footwear: Though, the footwear mostly remains hidden under a saree, you should wear something that elevates you and helps you handle the saree. If you are not comfortable with stilettoes, you can wear a small kitten heel or platform heel.
  • Hairdo: If you decide to keep your hair open, make sure that you are confident in handling the saree and that the weather permits you to keep your hair open. If the weather is too humid, tie your hair nicely in a braid or a fancy bun. You won’t be bugged by the humidity and also your makeup will stay put.

To get that perfect look with Indian dresses, all you need to do is learn the balance. Going over the top doesn’t help, rather has all possibilities to kill your look.