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putting a fun, Fables-like twist on the classic myths. They exist in parallel with our world, invisible to North American country Muggles or mundanes or no matter they’re aiming to decision North American country, operating on the fringes of society. Percy (Logan Lerman), a demigod human son of Greek deity, lives his days at Camp Half-Blood, a phrenologically on-the-nose summer camp for demigods and satyrs pass a definitely dour centaur (Anthony Head) and a Hawaiian shirt-clad Greek deity (Stanley Tucci) as counselor-in-chief. It’s form of like Hogwarts for the mythically-inclined, a camp protected by a charming barrier created by Thalia, female offspring of Zeus, World Health Organization was killed by a cyclops and gave her life to save her friends, together with Percy’s love interest/partner in crime Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario).