30 of the punniest revlon one step puns you can find
30 of the punniest revlon one step puns you can find
30 of the punniest revlon one step puns you can find

When you are over 40 you shouldn't be using the same make up routine you used as a teenager. As we age so do our facial features and skin tones, so we need to do our make up differently.

Step up the blusher. As we get older we lose some of the pigment in our skin and the skin often has less glow. So don't be afraid to use blusher to replace it.

Avoid Pink or Beige based Foundation. This will age you instantly. Pink or Beige or any cool toned powder or foundation sucks warmth out of the skin, avoid this at all costs!

Anything cool toned appears paler on the skin that it actually is and results in that washed out look.

Go for warm tones in a shade slightly darker than you think you need, certainly darker than the one you wore at age 20. This also applies to concealer. A slightly darker shade will give a warmer, more natural and flattering look. Too pale and panda eyes can result.

Don't over-pluck your eyebrows. Maybe fine eyebrows worked in the 1940s and 1950s. Well for Marlene Dietrich or Betty Davis it did. But unless eyebrows are pencilled in by an expert you can age yourself by a good 10 years this way. As we age our eyelids become fuller and droopier and they begin to sag, sorry but they do! If you over pluck you will accentuate the puffiness and this will Revlon one step drag your eye shape down.

Don't use more eyeliner under the eye than on the top. Look in the mirror, place a finger in the middle of your lower lashes