Sleepwell Herbal Tea - The Importance Of Getting Quality Sleep |theoriginalteacompany
Sleepwell Herbal Tea - The Importance Of Getting Quality Sleep |theoriginalteacompany

Getting good quality sleep is important if you want to maintain a healthy mind and body. Having good quality regular sleep can lower your risk for serious health problems, like heart disease and diabetes, and also reduce stress and improve your mood.

People all over the world have cherished this classic tea innovation over many years. In a simple definition, it is the black tea flavored with the oil of bergamot fruit. This combination results in a distinctive citrusy flavor to the tea, and throughout history, this tea has been linked with upper-class tea cultures, power, and social status.

Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bags

The leaves that are found in most tea bags are referred to as fannings or dust. When the tea leaves are going through the  process, dust falls to the ground and it is this dust that is swept up and placed into tea bags. It is therefore the lowest grade of tea.

All tea, whatever the variety, comes from the same plant - the Camellia Sinensis. The different characters of the teas, along with their chemical composition and appearance, are created through the oxidisation process and the way the leaves are plucked.

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