In memory of Laura Corbin, my best childhood friend |joseph-blasioli visit our websitee
In memory of Laura Corbin, my best childhood friend |joseph-blasioli

Laura Corbin, like many abused women, died of suicide, in 2008.

-Joseph Blasioli sexually and emotionally abused Laura since she was just a girl, 13… And during many more years. He is responsible for Laura’s sufferings for so long and for her death.

-I only learned about Laura’s death recently. joseph blasioli film director We did some research with a few friends and a private investigator.

-I had kept my personal notebook in which I wrote so much about my friend Laura for many years. 

– Even though this took place many years ago, I still felt very emotional writing about Laura and what she experienced during the sexual and emotional abuse that she endured in the 1980s and ’90s. 

We wanted to tell Laura’s story and bring her a level of justice

Hello, my name is Karen Brown, I live in Vancouver B.C. Laura Corbin was my best childhood friend and I wanted to tell her story and what happened to her during her teenage years when I knew her. I never forgot her and writing all this about her life and suffering has been emotional for me. But I did it.

I spoke to some people I know in the #metoo movement a few months ago about Laura and they also want to participate and tell about Laura´s story. joseph blasioli toronto

Here is the only picture I kept of Laura.

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Laura was just a 13 year old girl at the time

Laura Corbin, who was born like me in the late 60’s, was my best friend when we were just girls in Toronto. She was only thirteen (13).  She was young, beautiful and bright. He was all the things you fear an older man for – abusive, controlling and the kind of man who enjoys power above all else.  She became his slave (Emotional and sexual) in all the ways a thirteen-year-old girl shouldn’t be.

I don’t think she disagreed with me, but she had no way out.  He was cruel and violent in private with her, but he was also like a father to her in a way I doubt she could make sense of. 

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