Best Baby Bouncers over 20-30 pounds -2021 |zigmasoft
Best Baby Bouncers over 20-30 pounds -2021 |zigmasoft

Are you in search of big baby bouncers for babies over 25 pounds? I understand bouncers for babies over 25 pounds are hard to find but not impossible and if this is your need then this article is for you. baby walker for tall babies

Don’t forget that constant monitoring of your kid is required even when your baby is sleeping. Getting a budget baby monitor under 100 will suffice your need when you want to finish up something important in your sleep hours. walkers for short babies

 Do all walkers roll well on carpet?

The answer is No. The way a Baby walker moves depends on the built in wheels that pose pressure on the surface of the flooring. baby walker small space

Like, a baby walker wheels for hardwood floors require less strength to move because hardwood is slippery. But in the case of carpet and thick rugs, the surface is rough so the normal wheels will not go through.

It is therefore not to be surprised about things that are to considered as parents while purchasing walkers for their child. 

What made me create this blog!

  • Well, The first walker which I bought for my older son was a boon for me. It actually took in many roles in the house when I actually had no one to shoulder my responsibilities to.
  • It was a miracle for me!
  • Why do I say this. You will understand if you can image yourself my place. Imagine if you have to do the entire household tasks right from cleaning, cooking, taking care of baby, feeding and beyond that your personal daily routines.
  • It’s actually very difficult to put the crawling baby on the floor and do all the houselhold. Beyond difficulty it was more risky to put your baby on the floor when you are busy doing something and baby may put anything and eveything in his mouth.

About Me

Well, why do I say this. I was actually totally ignorant about this when I got this home and I just considered it to be a toy like any other toy could be!

But one thing I found uncommon in this seated walker was that my baby can’t just move out of this without my help. Of course, he did it once he reached 1.3 years. Just ping me if you want to know-how.

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