Purple Spinnaker Design
Purple Spinnaker Design
Our standard downwind sails are our most popular because they are durable and easy to handle; they are ideal for cruising because their wind angles are flexible enough for cruisers to use them in a wide range of winds.

Purple Spinnaker Design


We utilize present day programming to configuration sails to the specific shape, size, and development expected for your boat. Our clients work cooperatively with us and measure their current sail or apparatus and give these estimations to our group. The client does their piece of the work and we wrap up.

Regularly, each sail configuration requires 4-6 hours to finish. We work with our clients' estimations, our architects' information, and our cruising experience to make the ideal plan. The fashioners won't hold back to pose inquiries when they are worried about estimations. We must affirm in the event that the sail will fit the apparatus, not the client's! Direct-Sails' aggregate methodology permits sail fashioners to have certainty to move the sail to the cutting table.

The outcome is a very much constructed sail, utilizing perceived sail material brands, intended to accommodate your boat at a reasonable cost.



We fabricate great many sails each year in our own assembling office.

 Our severe quality-control conventions are regulated by space directors to guarantee each sail that leaves our floor is worked to the most noteworthy conceivable norm, utilizing top of the line sailcloth and UV material, in different varieties, with authentic marked equipment.


SAIL FIT AND Guarantee

Every one of our sails accompanies a long term guarantee and fulfillment ensure.

In the event that your sail doesn't fit, simply call us. We need to keep you as a drawn out client and we are glad to deal with any issues or concerns you could have! Allow us input and an opportunity to assist with showing you how we maintain our business!


Brilliant Evaluating

We can bring down the expense of sails by sending them straightforwardly to your boat from our production line floor. This doesn't mean less client assistance or backing! To do this we team up with clients and have them give the elements of their sails. This permits us to keep our above costs low and keep mariners content with low costs!

Direct's Sails will probably give mariners the most ideal incentive for top notch sails, without compromising.


Overall Transportation

We transport overall utilizing UPS, Fedex and DHL. We transport Conveyance Obligation Paid where conceivable which implies you won't need to stress over customs leeway or import contemplations.

 At the point when your sail is prepared to deliver, we will reach you to affirm the transportation area and once sent, we will send you a following number.

 Our conveyance charges depend on the cost we pay to the dispatches and any obligation expected by your nation will be charged independently prior to transportation as these expenses fluctuate contingent upon worth of merchandise and nation of conveyance.



About Our Head Sails

Headsail sizes range from storm jibs to genoas on a masthead rig, and shift in view of fragmentary apparatus boats.

We will work with our clients to construct the sail to accommodate your particular apparatus. Whenever estimations have been accepted, our group will connect with the plan of your size sail before we cut the fabric. This will permit you to see precisely exact thing you are getting before the sail goes into creation!

Our cycle has been demonstrated to work and in the event that there are any issues our group is just a call away. On the off chance that the sails don't fit with the gave estimations, we'll work with you to track down an answer.


About Our Downwind


Most cruising clients use what the business calls 'standard' sails. This isn't just about the size of the sail however the state of the completed item. The breeze points and wind ranges change all through the sizes.

 Direct-Sails' standard downwind sails are our generally well known as they are not difficult to deal with and sturdy; they are ideal for the cruising market in light of the fact that the breeze points are sufficiently adaptable to permit a cruiser to utilize them on a genuinely expansive breeze range.

·         Standard Unbalanced Spinnaker (gauge wind range: 80 to 155 evident breeze point)

·         Standard Balanced Spinnaker (gauge wind range: 120 to 180 evident breeze point)

·         All Lines are triple ventured crisscross sewing.

·         All Expansive creases are 2 lines of sewing and outspread creases are 1 column of sewing.

·         Spiral corners. Corner thickness and layer qty will be changed in light of rolling or non folding sails.

·         Corners can be named whenever mentioned (head, tack and clew stickers IDs)

·         Twist lines are accessible upon demand


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