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Paintball Game in india | Paintball Shootings in india

acmedace on Sport - If you have never played this paintball before especially in India and wish to gain the excitement of the game so please come to India and avail the opportunity of paintball shooting. We are the only who provides paintball game in India and paintball shooting in India; before visit to our activity place you must talk to the professionals at Paintball. They have excellent skills in the particular area. They will quickly offer the cheapest deal in making the action. Even if you are a newbie and don't know anything about the sport, the professionals will definitely help you over here.

Why Choose a Golf Push Trolley with a Seat

pwrhousedom on Sport - A golfer usually prefers a golf push trolley for experiencing a good exercise and cost-effective solution. However, it is wise to choose a model having a seat. At times, you might have to wait for long for playing a round of golf after the current player finishes his or her game. At such times, you will truly feel the need of sitting on the seat and resting instead of standing and putting pressure on your knees.
In most trolley models, the seat is usually an attachment that you can remove at the time of folding the equipment for storage. This means you can store the seat away from the trolley to avoid adding to its overall weight even at the time of storage. Moreover, the seats are available in different comfort levels, which should be checked at the time of selecting the seat.

Useful Accessories to Buy for Your Electric Golf Carts

pwrhousedom on Sport - The basic purpose of an electric golf cart is to ensure that the sport is fully enjoyable as well as hassle-free. However, for that, the cart has to be fully functional by either extending its capability or increasing its features. Well, this is best done by adding some cool accessories. In case you are thinking to add some if you have none, it is wise to start with the basic accessories.
One of the basic accessories is equipment basket that can hold many of your play-related stuff. It usually fits on a lower level and behind the bag on most electric golf carts. Similarly, you will also love to have an umbrella for keeping heat at bay. While several umbrellas work by directly attaching to your cart, the rest of them are universal in use, as the cart has an attachment to accommodate them.

Exercise Ball with Pump

GlowFit on Sport - Fitness Ball exercises are very effective at targeting those core muscles that are essential for stability and good posture but are often overlooked when exercising with fixed position gym equipment. Core exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. It’s also perfect for stretching, balance and stability, training, while helping you tone and trim your entire body. Yoga balls are a key part in helping to develop core strength GlowFit yoga and exercise balls are made from a heavy weight vinyl, providing more stability and rigidity for the most technical moves. The burst resistant feature ensures safety and performance, as the ball will deflate slowly even if punctured. Our premium yoga balls enhance poses like back bends, hip openers, and restorative poses. Our fitness ball includes a compact hand pump for inflation. GlowFit currently carries 3 sizes 55CM = 5’- 5’6” 65CM = 5’6”- 6’ 75CM = 6’ – 6’ 5” We hope you enjoy our product, always sm

Troubleshooting An Electric Trolley | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - When considering troubleshooting for electric trolleys, remember that there are many other components and not just the motor that can fail. After checking the batteries and chargers you can then reset the motor to check it there is an issue.
Check batteries
Check if the batteries have been depleted. Sometimes in case of certain models the trolley draws a small amount of electricity when the trolley is not running. Batteries also lose their capacity with age. Check the water level and electrolytes. The water should be enough to cover the conductive plates. As batteries contain acid make sure that you wear gloves to avoid spills. Make sure you check the wires and ensure that there are no cables that are worn out or broken.
Inspect the Charger
Examine the charger connections and check for signs of corrosion or frayed wires. Sometimes a power surge could also cause the circuit breaker to trip or the diodes to fail. Check these components.

How to Troubleshoot Your Golf Buggy | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - Start by assessing the battery of buggy, especially by checking the area of battery connections for lime (white coat) or rust accumulation. With a wrench, remove the connectors from the terminals and clean them with the wire terminal brush by taking them away from the battery. Move the brush inside out of the connector’s center and rub the outside surface. You can then reconnect the connectors and recharge the battery at a golf shop in case the power level does not go up.
Start by assessing the battery of buggy, especially by checking the area of battery connections for lime (white coat) or rust accumulation. With a wrench, remove the connectors from the terminals and clean them with the wire terminal brush by taking them away from the battery. Move the brush inside out of the connector’s center and rub the outside surface. You can then reconnect the connectors and recharge the battery at a golf shop in case the power level does not go up.

Used Electric or Gas Single Seated Buggy: Which One to Choose

pwrhousedom on Sport - If you are thinking to choose a used or second-hand single seated buggy, you have two options: Gas or battery powered ones. The gas powered ones tend to run on standard unleaded gas, diesel, or petrol. Regardless of whether you choose a diesel or petrol single seated buggy, the common pro is that you can rely on it for covering longer distances and hilly terrains. However, the limitation is that they require you to carry an extra can of gas for use when the engine runs out. As compared to electric buggies running on batteries, these ones cover more miles before you need to refill.
Moreover, when the motor of the electric buggy goes out of power, it is almost impossible to find a socket on the halfway for recharging the drained batteries. Even most golf courses do not have outlets of recharging the batteries. This means you need to carry an extra battery for the same. If you can manage this affordably, used electric golf buggies are more environment-friendly because they do not emit a

FAQ on Lithium Ion Batteries | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - What is the difference between Lithium batteries and Lithium Ion batteries?
Primary difference between Lithium batteries and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is that most Lithium batteries are not rechargeable but Li-ion batteries are rechargeable. This is because Lithium batteries use lithium in its pure metallic form while Li-ion batteries use lithium compounds which are much more stable than the elemental lithium used in lithium batteries. Hence Lithium-ion batteries are designed to be recharged hundreds of times whereas Lithium batteries are not.
What is the best way to store Lithium Ion batteries?
Generally, it has been observed that Lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for many months. If the battery needs to be stored for many months, it is a good idea to charge is off and on during those several months.
How should I dispose of Lithium Ion batteries?
Lithium batteries are recyclable and hence should never be incinerated as there is a chance of them exploding. So the prop

Golf Battery Maintenance Tips | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - The electro chemical reaction that creates power makes batteries deteriorate after some time. Pre-mature failure of batteries result owing to the following reasons:
Incorrect charging regime that is either over or under charge of batteries
Damage caused due to accidental dropping of batteries
Overloading caused due to excessive demand on the motor or situations where axles do not function properly
Faulty chargers
Leaving batteries in a discharged condition for a long period of time
Usage of batteries over the recommended period of time
Ensure that you charge your battery after use
Keep the battery clean and dry
Ensure that the battery charger that is used is compatible with your battery and in good working condition.
Check to see that the terminals on the battery are clean and free from corrosion
Check to see that the connections from the charger are properly connected

SpBoxing body pursues sanctions against Olympic refs,

lues31 on Sport - LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) The International Boxing Association is pursuing disciplinary action against the referees and judges sent home from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for failing to properly officiate fights.

AIBA says ''individuals and associated federations have been forwarded to the disciplinary commission for further investigation, with appropriate actions to follow.''

An unspecified number or referees and judges were dismissed during the Olympics after AIBA determined they had not met its standards of competence.

AIBA commissions met in Lausanne this week to review the Olympic boxing tournament, in which a handful of questionable decisions led to widespread condemnation of the judging and refereeing.

AIBA says its officials must comply with codes of ''respect, fairness, integrity and transparency.''

The federation is also considering the introduction of a five-judge scoring system and a review of the certification process for referees and judges.LAUSANNE, Sw