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Golf Trolley Battery Charging | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - Golf trolley batteries are not similar to cell phones; they need to be suitably cared for to get maximum life. Daily recharge the batteries after use. If possible, golf batteries should be charged between rounds.
A golf trolley battery is charged using a battery charger that changes the chemical composition inside the battery. Before charging, examine all termination for frayed conductors and damaged or loose connector. Maintain the terminals and connections clean. A terminal cleaner or wire brush will do the trick. If the batteries are covered with acid, sprinkle baking soda over the top and wash away with water. Look over all termination to assure that they are corrosion free and fixed firmly to the battery post.
In winter temperatures, a fully charged battery will not freeze. In the “off season” the batteries stored in an unheated covered area. Before storing, it should be fully charged and disconnected from the charger. During the “off Season”, test out the batteries at thirty –

Watering Your Golf Trolley Batteries | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - One of the most important things you can do to expand the life of your electric golf trolley batteries is maintaining its exact water levels. When watering there is two conditions that damage the batteries. One is over watering and the other is under watering.
Over watering
Too much watering brings about further dilution of the electrolyte, which results in reduced battery performance. In addition, if you fill the batteries before charging it may give rise to electrolyte spread. This happens as the electrolyte levels increase while being charged and then can bubble out of the cap reducing the capacity of battery. Watering the battery prior to charging may also lead to unwanted additional maintenance.
Under watering
Under watering is one of the reasons that can ruin the electric golf batteries. In deep-cycle, lead acid batteries water is lost throughout the charging process. Permanent damage may occur if the electrolyte level drops below the tops of the plates. If the water level f

Electric Golf Trolley: Health Benefits of Walking

pwrhousedom on Sport - The weight of an average golf bag is between 6 and 22 kg and golfers who carry their own clubs run the possibility of straining their backs, rib cage muscles or hamstrings. During golf club swings, golf bags also put pressure on the shoulders and neck that already receive strong shocks. In addition, consider the number of times a golfer drops and picks up a golf bag through a round of golf.Using an electric golf trolley almost make sure golfers play an injury-free round of golf while eliminating the physical injury risk. Walking a golf course free of a heavy golf bag increases energy levels and enhances the cardiovascular system.
Different from golfers who go across a golf course with an electric cart, golfers who walk a golf course with an electric trolley burn up to 50 per cent more calories. Medical studies conducted have established that walking a golf course mitigates high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and boosts the immune system. The usage of such trolley found reduces t

Martial Arts School For Kids Near Narre Warren

umaahallam on Sport - Parents should encourage their kids to learn various martial arts skills like applied wing chun, kung fu and others as learning such skills improve fitness as well as self-defence capabilities in kids. Ultimate Martial Arts Academy is kids martial arts school located in Hallam, Australia. They provide martial arts and kung fu classes to kids of Hallam and nearby suburbs like Narre Warren, Berwick, Narre Warren South, Cranbourne, Clyde, Dandenong, Doveton, Hampton Park and Endeavour hills. They also teach Li'l Tigers Kids Martial Arts program and also self discipline in their school. Kids will get benefits of martial arts and that will help them to make up their mind.

UFC 206 Live Streaming - UFC 206 Live Stream

andr3a809 on Sport - Had you previously got problems with your cable tv operator because of not transmitting several of your preferred football matches? Are you currently concerned to not losing National Football League matches live due to your journey or even extra time required by your job? All you have to use for watching to the NFL matches live can be a PC plus an Internet access. You don't need any kind of specific equipment to do this. The application that is needed may be obtained from the web, or you could just access a specific website that offer live streaming services.

In nowadays, we have multiple posibilities to access NFL live streaming services. The device that can help us to Watch NFL Games live could be a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Anyway, the most suitable option to enjoy by the streaming services is via a portable device, and the most used are smartphones, usually the big ones, many of them called as "phablets" - a combination between a tablet and smartphone.

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Golf Rangefinders GOLF GPS | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - Technology has made things easier. People use this technology to measure yards of a particular shot, gauge the slope and wind also. A typical rangefinder aims the reticle at the flagstick and press to get the yardage. However as things got easier there is an ongoing debate as to the merits of use of such gadgets in tournaments. It is still a work-in progress as no decisions are in place. At professional levels the use of such instruments have been banned but things are on-going in amateur tournaments. As they gain popularity among amateurs, there has been a constant increase in prices of the same.
The price range is somewhere between $100-$200. One of the challenges facing golf has been the slow pace of the game. However with the advent of rangefinders the pace has seen a steady increase. Thus even though a ban has been in place for the use of such gadgets in professional spheres, there is a growing admittance that the use of rangefinders is benefitting the game of golf. However trad

Qualifier 1: Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans Live Free Stream

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Martial Arts School For Adults Near to Berwick

umaahallam on Sport - Ultimate Martial Arts Academy is a martial arts school and self defence academy located in hallam. In today’s lifestyle for either women or men it is important that they can protect their self by own and for that self defence comes placed. In this academy specialist instructors provide effective self-defence techniques and candidates will gain all the physical benefits. They also provide training in clean, safe and friendly environment. At Ultimate Martial Arts Academy candidates come from Hallam and nearby suburbs like Narre Warren, Berwick, Narre Warren South, Cranbourne, Clyde, Dandenong, Doveton, Hampton Park and Endeavour hills.

Golf Cart Parts CART PARTS, GOLF CARTS| Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - With so many models and types of golf carts being introduced daily in the golf cart industry, the number of manufacturers with the right parts and accessories are also being established in great number. Lots of leading branded companies like the Yamaha, Harley Davidson etc have come up with a collection of golf cart parts to match with your particular cart model. You can move toward the same dealer for the matching part for your cart if you have purchased it from a local dealer as well. Finding the right parts for your cart is possible only if you provide the accurate information regarding the model of cart for which you are looking for the replacement parts. You should give them the exact details on everything that can help them to choose the best part suited for your cart.
Buying Golf Cart Parts
The best advantage of approaching the branded manufactures is that they can provide you with the best quality material and shipping arrangements, like the Yamaha. You can obtain the right

Martial Arts School for Men & Women Near Berwick

umaahallam on Sport - Learning martial arts is an essential thing for all nowadays. Ultimate Martial Arts Academy is a martial arts school located in hallam, Victoria. They provide training in applied wing chun, kung fu and fitness kickboxing to candidates of Hallam and nearby suburbs like Narre Warren, Berwick, Narre Warren South, Cranbourne, Clyde, Dandenong, Doveton, Hampton Park and Endeavour hills. Along with these martial arts techniques, we also provide various self-defence techniques to adults and kids. At Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, candidates don’t just come from Hallam, significant number of candidates come from nearby suburbs like Narre Warren and Berwick.