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StoryPad – Stunning Sales Presentation Tool

StoryPad on Science - Do you give a lots of sales presentation? Are you tired of handing out brochures or carrying your laptop in arm trying to convince someone to buy your product? You should consider using an iPad or tablet for your next sales presentation. Virtual sales presentations have become crucial to todays sales sucess. Its much easier to carry your tablet than laptop or briefcase full of examples. Mobile presentations are fast becoming just crucial.

When it comes to building a successful business, one of the foundational sales tools that nearly every company needs is presentation materials. Making the right choices in your brand presentation is the first step to sucessful value storytelling, and we have perfect choice for you – StoryPad.

StoryPad is sales presentation tool which enables iPad presentations. Mobile field workers are facing many changes and that is why StoryPad is ultimate sales presentation tool for iPad. With StoryPad mobile field workers have access to helpful information such as who looked at your presentation, the slides that were viewed, and the amount of time spent on each slide.

StoryPad is cloud based, so evertyhing you create is stored. This mean you can access and edit your presentation whenever you have access to the Internet, on any computer.

Sales enablement is a powerful activity that is receiving more and more attention as companies strives to increase their revenues. Sales enablement technology has become a key differentiatior in helping sales teams excel in the modern enterprise and take advantage. Storypad was developed with many various industries who have the need to perform mobile presentations and that is why StoryPad is the real tool for sales enablement.

The best part?

Whatever you use iPad, Android or Windows you can store all information offline on your device and sync them afterwards to the cloud. StoryPad is open for partnership and therefore we can integrate any system together with StoryPad and exchange the data.

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