Watering Your Golf Trolley Batteries | Power House Golf
One of the most important things you can do to expand the life of your electric golf trolley batteries is maintaining its exact water levels. When watering there is two conditions that damage the batteries. One is over watering and the other is under watering.
Over watering
Too much watering brings about further dilution of the electrolyte, which results in reduced battery performance. In addition, if you fill the batteries before charging it may give rise to electrolyte spread. This happens as the electrolyte levels increase while being charged and then can bubble out of the cap reducing the capacity of battery. Watering the battery prior to charging may also lead to unwanted additional maintenance.
Under watering
Under watering is one of the reasons that can ruin the electric golf batteries. In deep-cycle, lead acid batteries water is lost throughout the charging process. Permanent damage may occur if the electrolyte level drops below the tops of the plates. If the water level fa