Used Electric or Gas Single Seated Buggy: Which One to Choose
If you are thinking to choose a used or second-hand single seated buggy, you have two options: Gas or battery powered ones. The gas powered ones tend to run on standard unleaded gas, diesel, or petrol. Regardless of whether you choose a diesel or petrol single seated buggy, the common pro is that you can rely on it for covering longer distances and hilly terrains. However, the limitation is that they require you to carry an extra can of gas for use when the engine runs out. As compared to electric buggies running on batteries, these ones cover more miles before you need to refill.
Moreover, when the motor of the electric buggy goes out of power, it is almost impossible to find a socket on the halfway for recharging the drained batteries. Even most golf courses do not have outlets of recharging the batteries. This means you need to carry an extra battery for the same. If you can manage this affordably, used electric golf buggies are more environment-friendly because they do not emit an