A 3 wheel golf trolley is certainly in more demand than a 2 wheel model perhaps because it is more stable than the latter. This is evident when the trolley equipped with bulky bags and other golf equipment is used in wind or on a hilly terrain. Most of these stable models are light in weight, easily foldable to a compact size, and comfortable in usage. Further, they also come with adjustable handle for easy gripping as well as several holders for accessories. While shopping for them, you are likely to come across its two types: Push and Electric.
As the name suggests, the push model works when you push it with your hands, which means there is no need of fuel or batteries. On the other hand, the electric model works on batteries, especially those of lithium that are relatively lighter in weight than other batteries. Of the two, the electric one is certainly more efficient, as you need not put efforts in making the trolley work. It is also costlier than the push models but worth the mon