Two Essentials that Allow Bringing a Stable Control to a Push Cart
A golf course typically comprises various terrains. On a smooth and strong ground, any kind of wheel can work just the way you want it to! However, in case of a more rugged surface, a wheel with large radius is essential to level out all bumps and simplify several maneuverability issues that can otherwise crop up. Further, a wider rubber tire aids you move across the softer areas of the course. In case of too small or narrow wheels, you will face an issue in pushing the cart, which is vital to note if you experience tiredness after pushing until a short distance.
Just like the wheel, a quality handle also enhances control while using the push cart. It is obvious that the load of clubs and other equipment certainly demands some effort from your side while steering the cart. If you have a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle, it becomes easier to keep the cart in control as well as improve its maneuverability. As a smart golfer, consider an ergonomically designed handle that comes with comfortab