Troubleshooting An Electric Trolley | Power House Golf
When considering troubleshooting for electric trolleys, remember that there are many other components and not just the motor that can fail. After checking the batteries and chargers you can then reset the motor to check it there is an issue.
Check batteries
Check if the batteries have been depleted. Sometimes in case of certain models the trolley draws a small amount of electricity when the trolley is not running. Batteries also lose their capacity with age. Check the water level and electrolytes. The water should be enough to cover the conductive plates. As batteries contain acid make sure that you wear gloves to avoid spills. Make sure you check the wires and ensure that there are no cables that are worn out or broken.
Inspect the Charger
Examine the charger connections and check for signs of corrosion or frayed wires. Sometimes a power surge could also cause the circuit breaker to trip or the diodes to fail. Check these components.