Tips To Check If Your Putter Is Right For You
Most golfers has the tendency to buy a putter based on its look and feel. However with a little knowledge and cautions you can find a putter that suits your individual putting style. Look-out for the following characteristics to see if your putter fits your style:
The length of your putter should allow you to make a technically correct stroke
It should lie correctly such that the sole of the putter sits flat on the ground
The loft should produce the right troll neither too much that makes the ball jump nor too little that it hits into the ground and bounces offline.
The heel to toe weight distribution should be accurate and must correspond to the putter face rotation provided.
Swing weight must prevent the putter head from wavering during the stroke and offers distance control
Strike should be strong but at the same time it should feel good.
Must provide you with confidence when you stand behind the ball
All this being said, finding a putter that suits you depends totally upon