Repairing Your Golf Cart Tires golf cart | Power House Golf
As with all automobiles, Golf cart’s too sometimes disappoint you by their flat tires. A flat tire is the simplest and a no-cost issue that you can solve by yourself. Patching a tire is something you can learn to do with just a few tools.
Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools in hand:
• Jack
• Socket Wrench (3/4th inch)
• Wooden blocks
• Needle-nose pliers
• Air Compressor
• Safety glasses
• Patch Kit
Steps to follow
• Park your cart on a flat surface. Place the wooden block in the front & back of each of the wheels.
• Use the jack to lift the cart such that the damaged tire is completely off the ground. Remove the nuts on the wheel using the socket wrench and take the wheel off the cart.
• Now remove the nail or screw or the sharp object that was responsible for the flat tire. Use the nose-pliers to remove it or sometimes the item might have already fallen off leaving a small hole.
• Locating the hole is the next step which can be done after you wet the