How To Make A 36 Volt Golf Cart Run Fast
Electric golf carts have become popular and an important part of any golf course. A 36-volt and 48-volt golf carts are the most common contenders for the golf course. But some golfers feel that a 36-volt is not as fast as they would like them to be. However, there are a few steps if you take can make your golf cart run faster.
Any additional equipment on the golf cart can make your golf cart run slower. Hence make sure that all the unnecessary items like racks, parts of the golf cart, additional seats etc are removed.
• Wash your cart if possible using power wash. Soap it and scrub off all the dirt off your cart that can also slow it down.
• Examine the shaft of the cart. It is located under the ignition pedal. Make sure that there is no crank preventing you from pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. If you notice any issue, remove it with a screwdriver and wrench.