How to choose Golf Shoes for Women? | Power House Golf
Having the right pair of shoes is crucial to a game of golf. This is mainly because a solid footing is required to provide a good swing. Apart from this a golfer is also required to walk across the golf course which requires comfortable golf shoes. How to go about investing in the right pair of shoes?  Following are some of the tips you may follow prior to buying:
Make sure you choose the right size. For this you need to measure both your feet before buying. If you have feet with different sizes always opt for the larger size.
Determine the style that is suitable for you. Women always love to wear shoes that make them look stunning. This does not mean that you have to give up on comfort. Hence choose wisely.
Check-out for waterproof shoes if you play in an area that gets a lot of rain. Even during mornings, you may notice that the grass on the course is wet. This is when a good waterproof golf shoes comes in handy. Even though, a bit expensive, investing in them is definitely worth.