Golf Buggy Battery Maintenance: Is it Required? | Power House Golf
Using a battery operated golf buggy is wise but having no knowledge about its battery maintenance is unwise. A lack of such knowledge has more probability of inviting even the most displeasing problems apart from the manageable ones. A considerable number of golfers believe that the buggy or cart batteries do not need any kind of maintenance. Well, this is simply not true. No matter how advanced the golf spares might be, none of them is free from the need of maintenance. In fact, the key to optimal performance and lasting lifespan is a robust maintenance program.
It is suggested acquiring a few golf spares or equipment for taking good care of your golf cart battery. This includes a voltmeter for gauging voltage between two locations in a circuit, distilled water, wrench, hydrometer for measuring electrolyte solution’s gravity, baking soda, post cleaner, goggles, gloves, and petroleum jelly. As known from the names, most of these tools are for cleaning the parts, keeping an eye on elec