Different Types of Golf Bags | Power House Golf
Golf bag is a kind of golf accessory that can help you bring all your golf equipment with you such as tees, drivers, irons, putters, markers, and certainly an umbrella or towel. There are three types of golf bags: personnel bag or tour bag, travel bags or bring bag and trolley bag. Personnel or tour bag: It is the biggest group of golf bags. They are easily pre-loaded with enough storage space for 14 normal golf clubs. They have locations for other golf equipments which might be essential during the video games. High quality tour bags are often relatively highly priced and are made using leather and other advanced components.
Travel or bring bag: These bags are designed purposely to set up an area for the basic golf pieces of equipment, such as limited number of golf clubs, other tiny add-ons and any number of golf balls. The materials used for the manufacturing of these bags are cheap, nylon material and other brighter materials.