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Oudh Oil Perfume – Sensual, Unique & Luxurious

Try the sensual and luxurious Oud Oil Perfume collection Pack today and pamper yourself with 5 unique, premium, luxurious handmade perfumes in this limited edition by Oudh Australia. Buy 100% natural, Organic, Long Lasting and Unisex Oudh oil perfume onlne in Australia.

Woody, floral, unique or something different, whatever you perfume taste is there is something for you in the Oud Oil perfume collection pack. A marvelous collection of 5 premium, unique and unisex Oudh oil fragrances so that you can wear a different fragrance every day, every occasion, every mood. There is something special waiting for you in this beautiful Oud Oil perfume collection.

Create a twin pack with any two of your fragrances.

Cost: $50 Per ML