What are Activated Carbon Filters and How They Work
Do you know what activated carbon filters are about? Read this article to know how they're made and how they work. Make aware of the benefits of using them.

Activated Carbon Filter

In this day and age, activated carbon filters are considered marvels. These near-magical filters are major combatants of allergens, harsh pollutants, unpleasant tastes and odors. They can usually be found in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, ovens, compost pails, and even trash bins. So you might have happened, at least once in your life, to come across them. But have you ever wondered what makes them and how they work? Read on to know everything about these clever filters.

What Is an Activated Carbon Filter?
Activated carbon filters are a bed of small pieces of carbon, usually in powdered block or granular form. They have been regarded as immensely porous, consisting of hundreds of thousands of tiny absorbent pores. As a matter of fact, they are so cavernous that a gram of an activated carbon filter can readily bear a surface area of 500m2 and above. With that, carbon filters can exponentially absorb more contaminants such as gases and chemicals in a vast surface area.

How Do Carbon Filters Work?
If you think the filtration system that uses chemical reactions to decontaminate an area is a complex process, you are totally wrong. For air filtration, activated carbon is generally sold in different sizes of packets. Then, it is inserted into the main purifying device like an air purifier or filter. The contaminated air enters the activated carbon filtration system and passes through the active carbon. It will then undergo through a process called adsorption, leaving the filter purified.
When an activated carbon is used in conjunction with a HEPA filter, it works as prevention of larger particles like dust and lint from reaching it, setting up the HEPA filter to perform better and last longer. But, you have to change it once every few months to maintain its efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Using Them?
Using an activated carbon filter grants you various perks. It can take away all harmful and unwanted contaminants from the air or water, that can potentially pose critical health risks. It assists you in eliminating unpleasant odors so your indoor air remains fresh and bad taste so your food tastes good. Most importantly, it provides an unparalleled respiratory health benefits.

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