Understanding The Jobs And Responsibilities Of A Notary Public
This may be about property, real estate deals, business deals, or some kind of personal contract making.

Understanding The Jobs And Responsibilities Of A Notary Public

Legal jobs arealways confusing for the layman. That’s why many common terms which you mayhave heard from the childhood also may not have the right definition in youreyes, just because you never had to do any work with it. It’s the reason, evenafter hearing the term public notary a few times you still may not have theproper idea of what exactly they do. Now that you have to do some importantlegal work, and have been told to get your signature on some documents verified by a notary public, you are all alert, and want to know what doesa notary public do.

What is the job andresponsibility of a notary public?

The notarypublic’s job is to verify signatures and witness signatures on documents. To bemore elaborative, the job is to witness the event when one is signing on adocument, or one is taking oath in the presence of another one or two eyewitnesses. The job also includes authenticating the signature on a document tobe the real one of the person claiming it. Often this job is mistaken by people,and many thinks the notary public is for verifying documents, which is not thereality. Many people often get into this confusion and thinks that the notary publicauthenticates the whole event and everything. But that’s not so. Hence, afterreading this, you now have a clear idea of what exactly the notary public does.

Why you may require anotary public?

A Mobile Notary Venice CAis required when you are working on some form of a legal contract. This may beabout property, real estate deals, business deals, or some kind of personalcontract making. Any contract making where two things are important, one beingthe oath taken by involved parties during entering the contract, and another beingthe signatures of the parties and their witnesses, demands authentication infront of a licensed notary public. The job of the notary public is to bepresent there physically, and confirm that signatures on the documents weremade by the person, who has documental evidence of identity and has furnishedthe proof. Also the notary must approve signatures of witnesses for affirmingthe deal or contract, and any oath taken by the parties involved. And in thewhole process it’s important that the notary has no personal relation oracquaintance with the parties, or does speak of it anywhere.

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