Top 5 Questions you must ask your Hair Doctor before starting any Hair Treatment in Indore?
Hair loss is a serious problem and needs proper Hair Treatment in Indore. Most of the hair loss experts say that hair transplant in Indore is the main treatment that provides a total cure for hair loss or male pattern baldness. However, before the treatment, you must know many things regarding the disease and treatment.

A hair transplant is a surgical treatment and it is done when the condition is extremely severe. Male pattern baldness is genetic in nature and since it is coded in your genes, your chances to overcome the consequences are very limited. This is the reason that you require to visit an authentic hair restoration clinic for hair loss treatment. 

Therefore, hair transplant surgery is recommended by most of the authentic hair loss surgeons because it provides permanent and satisfactory results. Usually, the process of treatment starts with a round of questions in which the patients may ask as many questions as they want regarding the treatment and their problem. 

Questions asked by the patients are important because the answers make the patients satisfied with the treatment and its results. Usually, the patients ask questions regarding the treatment since they like to have only permanent and authentic treatment. 

To help you choose the correct and appropriate questions, we have made a list of five questions with suitable answers. 

Read and enjoy it!

Is the Condition Treatable?

In the case of male pattern baldness, hair follicles shrink due to the effects of hair loss and never grow new hairs again. It means your bald scalp remains bald forever. The only treatment for this situation is hair transplant surgery that takes your own bald resistant hairs from the back and sides as the donor hairs. So, if we talk about the surgical treatment, we would say it is treatable. 

Do other medical conditions (if any) can cause problems in the treatment?

Your surgeon is going to check your scalp and hair before the treatment and other checkups are also needed to ensure that you are a perfect candidate for the surgery. If you are facing any chronic health problem, the problem should be treated before the surgery. 

Which the procedure will give the best solution for the problem you have?

Hair transplant surgery is the best treatment and it is done with the help of mainly two techniques called strip surgery and follicular unit extraction. Either of the two is used as per the needs of the patients. 

How much time will it take for full recovery?

Recovery time depends on the health, the scalp of the patients and efficiency of the surgeon. Full results are visible after 6 to 12 months. However, the side effects subside within a month after the surgery. 

How much will it cost including tests, procedures, supplements, medication, and aftercare? 

the cost of hair treatment in Indore depends on different factors like the number of hair follicles, condition of the scalp, efficiency of the surgeon, location of the clinic and facilities provided by the clinic. 

As you can see, hair transplant in Indore is a trusted hair restoration treatment at a reasonable hair transplant cost in Indore. If you wish to have the surgery, you may visit the Marmm Klinik for the initial treatment process.