The Myths of Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Let’s start this article by having a basic understanding of what is Influencer marketing exactly? Well, as the name suggests it’s a kind of marketing which is done by Influencers. So, who are these influencers? Influencers are the people who have a huge fan following over social media and when they recommend any product/service, their fans are most likely to buy it. This kind of marketing is significant because Brands are already aware of their potential customers and they can reach out to them with the help of influencers, not to mention, the conversion rate is also high. However, there are some myths that are there in regard to Influencer marketing which is listed by Influencer Marketing Companies in India:

1.   If someone is popular, he is an influencer– This is the biggest myth that is going on. There are a number of reasons, someone has huge numbers of people as their followers. What differs influencers from such people is that Influencers tend to share posts that are knowledgeable and provide tips in one or two niches.


2.   Influencers always ask you to pay – This is not always the case. Some influencers are open to working with Brands for free or on barter that would give them exposure. The barter system is quite common with small influencers who have not that huge number of followers. However, they are able to influence a significant amount of audiences.


3.   Relationship between Brands and Influencers is not possible –Brand Managers have this idea that they won’t be able to cultivate a good relationship with influencers and therefore, they hire companies that could provide and manage influencers. This is also not true. Like every relationship, it also requires to give and take.


4.   ROI will increase overnight – Influencer marketing is trending these days as reported by Influencer Marketing Companies in Delhi because targeting of audiences is quite focused and this gives high conversion rate. But, one must understand that its a process that would take some time. You can’t expect an overnight boost in your sales. When influencers post about Brand, it gets recognition and when the trust is built, the people are more likely to go for your products.


5.   IM has ended other marketing techniques – It’s true that is increasing rapidly, and more and more companies are opting this technique. As significant as it is, other forms of marketing still hold importance to some degree. Digital marketing or Traditional marketing techniques are still able to grab more eyeballs and thereby increasing sales and revenue of the company.



Influencer marketing is a new kind of marketing, which is still growing and evolving. By busting these myths one can surely enjoy the innovative methodologies that this technique has to offer.