Supporting SHGs with Entrepreneurial Skills for women empowerment
Women Empowerment in India is a movement that has brought immense changes in the way women are treated in the country, by giving them the ability to stand on their own two feet. HCCB, one of the Top 5 FMCG companies in India has done its own bit to help with the effort.

Women Empowerment

Self-help groups (SHGs) act as the first level of voice for the women of local communities. HCCB believes the better well-being of the women is possible by the active involvement of the local SHGs. These SHGs play a crucial role and it was decided to empower them in order to increase the reachability to the women in local communities. The SHGs which were performing better were identified and various actions for the women empowerment were formulated through them.

HCCB in association with Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka (CEDOK) organized Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) training in Bidadi. Nearly about 30 SHGs were identified from the nearby villages around the Bidadi plant. The participants were given training on entrepreneurial skills and insights for starting a business. The interactive session also discussed the various schemes and perks given by the government to the beneficiaries for starting a business. The session was a huge success as many women participants actively came forward to start a business of their interests and become entrepreneurs.

SHGs around the Odisha factory were facilitated with a platform where they could sell their hand made eco-friendly Ganesh Idols in the factory premises on the event of Ganesh Chaturthi. Further, the SHGs of Bhopal were helped to display and sell the handcrafted Diya’s on the occasion of Diwali. In both cases, the participants were given a chance to display their skills and craftsmanship involved in the preparation of these artefacts. HCCB also provided training for various SHGs on many small-scale production units such as Mushroom Cultivation, Papad Making, Candle Packing and many more.

In order to boost the entrepreneurship among the communities. HCCB conducted many sessions for the SHGs across the country in association with different NGOs. The participants were given training on many entrepreneurial skills that are required to become a successful businesswoman. They were also given details of various schemes and programs available for the beneficiaries to run a business.

The initiative for the upliftment of the communities through SHGs enabled HCCB to reach out to more communities across the different verticals. The SHGs acted as a bridge between communities and has given wings for HCCB women empowerment programs and the percentage of achievement was satisfiable. HCCB continues its efforts to reach out more such SHGs and help the women of the communities who needed attention and help them towards having a better livelihood.