Painting you a picture of affordable housing in Bangalore

Aashrayaa Eco city BMRDA approved Layout project is all about smart choices.
Like choosing to build your home yourself or asking us to design and build it for you.
The Perfect community for your dream home Envisioned as a 22.625 acres Mega town ship.

Today, aspirations have only increased. Granted that we are a lot more conscious and responsible while setting these aspirations, but they still exist as distinct as ever. Modern Bangaloreans want a balanced lifestyle without unsettling their budget. Affordable, eco-luxury is all about greenery, connectivity, luxury, and affordability. So an ideal project will have modern amenities such as indoor sports and gyms, combined with eco-friendly infrastructure and landscaping, all while being close to work.Bangalore stands as one of the most popular, if not populous, cities of India. Be it a proactive work environment, beautiful weather, or the fun side of things, Bangalore has a lot to offer for modern lifestyles. Naturally, real estate, and especially apartments in Bangalore have evolved. From 2BHK flats in Whitefield to luxury flats in Begur, there is a huge demand for apartments for sale in Bangalore. Aspiring homeowners want a balanced lifestyle wherein they do not spend too much time travelling to and from work. They also want something more in terms of amenities, landscaping, and infrastructure.

The catch is to give the modern Bangalorean everything they want within a budget that works for them. And pioneering builders are managing to do that. So what makes the ‘comfortable yet pocket-friendly’ life so appealing to homeowners and investors alike?

Continuous traffic, unpredictable travel time, and overcrowded spaces – not just the mainland but today suburbs like Whitefield too are experiencing such ‘cosmopolitan’ problems. As a result, areas that were considered the outskirts have become prime real estate spots. Bannerghatta is one such example that is a torchbearer of an expanding Bangalore. Builders like Aashrayaa Developers have raised the bar even higher. Their project, Aashrayaa Eternia, offers you 2 & 3BHK apartments in Begur with ample space, modern amenities, and an assured ease of travel as it is conveniently located between Bannerghatta Road and Electronic City.